Add external link via api?

Is it possible (or planned) to be able to add an external URL to a track via the API?
Just because it would be faster to look up the tracks using the Spotify API if the album is already linked and submit them with a script rather than having to edit each track individually

@Borewit made a bot for adding links and ISRCs from Spotify:

See it in action:

Is a similar thing possible from any of the C# wrappers?

@Zastai made something:

(Also listed at

Currently the only submissions available through the API are:

  • tags
  • ratings
  • collection management
  • barcodes
  • ISRC

I think my library handles them all.

Bots are a way to work around the lack of editing capabilities of the MusicBrainz API. They should be run very carefully and using a separate identifiable account, see Borewit’s bot doesn’t use the API to submit recording’s URL, it just opens an editing page then fill and submit the form.

Supporting all sort of editing through MusicBrainz API is wanted but not part of current development thus not going to happen in a foreseeable future even though some research is being made. (For example, we discussed using a git-based system for editing at the last physical summit in 2019.)

@tr1976: As running a bot can be tedious, I recommend you to take a look at this script instead:


It seems a common idea here that writing/using a non-browser program to edit musicbrainz data is (always) the same thing as a “bot”.
I would like to point out that there are other usage-scenarios for API/programmatic data edits/submissions besides “bots” (bots meaning automated mass-edits).

I have some code that I used for doing non-browser edits that I used successfully for a few years (i.e 90% of my edit history over the last few years). I’ve mentioned it here in the past a few times, and I’d repeat my offer to share it, but I haven’t used it in a few months, and I think it needs to be updated after one of the recent schema upgrades.

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