Library for submitting data to musicbrainz

I’ve been writing and using a C library for submitting data to musicbrainz.
Currently it supports adding and editing (many, but not all attributes of) artists, events and venues (i.e. “places”).
It doesn’t, however, yet support adding/editing release information – I’ve never (wait-- checking… once) added release information to musicbrainz by any method.

My development has tapered off in the last few months, but I’m still successfully using it frequently.
I figure now’s a good time to publish/announce the latest version of the code.

It requires libcurl and jansson libraries, which I believe are available on a wide variety of OSes.

I’ve written/tested/used it only on Linux, but I’ve tried not to use any non-portable stuff.

I haven’t bothered with all the licensing/open-source decisions yet, so I’m just calling it Public Domain for now.

You can download it from . There’s some documentation inside the tarball.


Is the source code available somewhere? (Or is the .tar.gz a source download?) A Git (or other VCS) repository perhaps?

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I posted about the first version of this back in the beginning of the year on the old forum.
And I think we had this same discussion there.
Anyways, yeah, the tarball is all there is.

Maybe you could make it available on Github or something alike. Would make it easier for everybody to find it and maybe contribute back :smiley:


I don’t know Github, so I’d have to learn it. It’s somewhere on my todo list, beneath a few dozen other things.

I find it hard to believe that someone looking for a musicbrainz library is more likely to start their search on Github rather than here, so there’s that.

And if “download a tarball from my website” is too hard for someone, then they’re probably not the target audience for the library.

If someone were to say “I am more likely to use it/contribute (especially contribute) if it’s on Github” (and I believe them), that’d probably move it up on my todo list.

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There is a newer 0.3 version now at same place: