Add a different version of an existing release

My apologies, because I think I should do some serious reading the tutorials and guidelines first.
So please ignore, or point me to the relevant how-to on this?

I have a release that has one track more than the releases MusicBrainz has in its database.

Has two versions with both 10 tracks, but I have a release with an additional 11th track.

I want to add my release, and was expecting some ‘add release version’ or something like that.
So I would have the known release as a basis, and only need to add the 11th track, and the differences in barcode/date/label etc.

What is the best (easiest) way to add my release version?

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Clicking on (see all versions of this release, 2 available) in the header takes you to the page of the release group. There you have a link Add release in the right sidebar, which adds a new version/release to the same release group.
After you have filled in the basic information about your release in the first tab you can go to the second tab Release duplicates and select the similar release you linked above. This will prepopulate the tracklist in the next tab and you just have to add the missing 11th track :wink:

I would recommend you to also read the general How to Add a Release article (or watch the video tutorial). And as always: Don’t hesitate to ask the community for help, editing MB is not always easy as a beginner.


Thanks kellnerd

It feels like I already stuck my head in a lion’s mouth and might be making a mess.

The existing releases seem to have a different ‘album artist’ then mine.
The existing ones say Bunny Brunel.
Mine says: Bunny Brunel · Daniel Goyone

So I am already stuck at my very first attempt.
Well, nobody told me this was going to be easy :wink:

That’s no problem, because different releases in the same RG can have different artists credited on their covers. Simply adjust the AC of the new release to match your cover - BTW the setting defaults to both artists in the release editor, because that’s how the RG is credited.


HI, sorry to bother here, but instead of creating a new thread it seemed appropriate to ask here first.
When selecting an existing release to populate all the information. Is there a way to make an exact duplicate release? Because I found this way it only carries the tracklist info but not the release level.