AcoustID linked to MusicBrainz recording, but data from MB not seen in AcoustID page


During last week I submitted acoustic fingerprints of recordings from several albums. Today I noticed that Picard is not able to recognize the recordings from these albums based on their acoustic fingerprints.

I went to MusicBrainz and AcoustID to see what’s up. I can see the fingerprint in Musicbrainz:
Recording “Schadenfreude” by Odraza - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz,
but in AcoustID I can only see the MBID of the recording, not its title, artist or length from MusicBrainz: Track "aa1f15fe-f9cc-47ab-976b-e20971637e4e" | AcoustID

Other examples of the same problem, all submitted last week by me:

Recording “Lublin” by Lustmord - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz
Track "c9d0a21b-893e-4c81-8190-2466bf5b081d" | AcoustID

Recording “IHS” by Biesy - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz
Track "8b46dd15-13a6-46b3-83e4-137f0fddbccd" | AcoustID

I understand it can take some time to sync, but it’s been a few days. Is something wrong?

I only see the problem with these new fingerprints, not with ones submitted earlier.


There is also an AcoustID for a Release from a month ago that still doesn’t have MB metadata:

It seems like the MusicBrainz data replication has broken for @lukz, are you aware of this?

Relatedly, I’ve filed a ticket for Picard to handle these cases better:


I have the same problem, but it seems to affect more than just new fingerprints.

Some examples:

A bit over a week ago, I created this release:
Before creating it, I scanned the tracks for fingerprints with Picardand only the second track came up as a known fingerprint. So when I was creating the release, in the recordings tab, I connected that track to the known recording, while leaving the other tracks blank so new recordings would be created for them. When the release was created, I loaded it into Picard, scanned for fingerprints and submitted them for the unknown recordings.
On MusicBrainz, all the fingerprints are displayed as normal (eg. for the first track:, and the second track also seems to be correctly linked with the pre-existing recording (
When I scan these tracks in Picard, with the album I created already loaded:

  • the previously unknown tracks get loaded as non-album tracks
  • track 2 gets loaded in the album with the pre-existing recording
    After dragging and dropping the tracks onto the right album, the button to submit fingerprints doesn’t become active and all the fingerprint icons are black. So Picard correctly recognises the link between the tracks, recordings and fingerprints.
    On AcoustID, the previously unknow tracks all show just their MBID, like Alioth also described.

I also created this release on the same day, as a different version to a pre-existing release:
When scanning before I created the release, the pre-existing release got loaded, so the recordings on both versions matched. After creating the release (making use of the pre-existing recordings), I loaded it into Picard, dropped the tracks on it and saved.
When I scan the tracks now, Picard still loads the pre-existing release, even if the release I created is loaded already.
And adjusting my release preferences doesn’t help: I set them up so they would target specifically the realese that I created, with preferred release country only “Germany” and medium only “cd” selected. Yet Picard still loads the worldwide digital media release.

The issue also affects merged recordings. For example, I merged this one last week: (merge was completed 2 days ago). On MusicBrainz, both tracks are now linked to the same recording.
However, if you follow the links to AcoustID for the connected fingerprints, the first fingerprint is connected to 1 recording, while the other 2 fingerprints ( and are connected to 2 recordings ( and Following the links from the recordings shown on AcoustID, leads you to one and the same recording on MusicBrainz. da37e45a-741c-4452-9734-61343cd34d5f was the MBID of the recording that got merged into 2f04ea02-cc8a-478c-94fa-f27c31c76095. So while they are merged on MusicBrainz, they stay separated on AcoustID.


The issue isn’t the age of the fingerprints, the issue is the age of the metadata from MusicBrainz. If you have a release that was added to MusicBrainz a year ago that never had AcoustIDs generated for it and you generated brand new AcoustID data for it now, it would all work correctly, because AcoustID already knows about the information in MusicBrainz. (AcoustID has a complete copy of the MusicBrainz database, including everything that isn’t associated with any AcoustID currently.)

What you describe perfectly fits into this: the release is new in MusicBrainz, so AcoustID doesn’t know about it currently/yet, because the replication seems to have currently stopped. So AcoustID either reports nothing or reports a different, “older” Release that it does know about.