A new MusicBrainz user script was released

New userscript by @zabey!

Bandcamp Tag Importer

Source | Install (GitHub)

Easily submit tags on Bandcamp pages to Musicbrainz.

bandcamp tag import script


New userscript time!

Youtube Link Canonicalizer

Youtube channels have several different ways to link to them, but the most common one is @username. However, URLs of this type can be changed by the channel owner at any time, which leads to broken links in the database. To prevent this, you can use a channel ID to reference a channel, which this userscript makes trivial to obtain!

Source | Install (Github)

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11-43-07 Weedow - MusicBrainz
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11-43-43 Weedow - Edit - MusicBrainz


I made this thing

Supraphonline import script

It seeds releases from the official online catalog of the Czech Supraphon label. I just forked the murdos repo and based it on the Metal Archives importer. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in this script, but I’ll be using (and thus testing) it extensively, fixing whatever problem comes along. I don’t intend to submit a PR until I feel like it’s reliable.

As of now, it’s capable of seeding a release with the correct number of media and tracks, and most of the release metadata. I also had to patch the mbimport.js lib with two novelties. One is the ability to set the discography entry page and the other is the ability to seed multiple release events.

I have a somewhat troubled relationship with JavaScript (I hate it), so if you see any crimes against the language or have any suggestion whatsoever, please do send me some kind of message somewhere (do we have direct messages here, or should I create a separate topic?).

No screenshot, because it doesn’t do anything flashy.


New userscript from me.

Relationship batch selector

When adding track relationships for some albums with big tracklists, often times credits are listed out like this:

Composer: John Doe (1.1, 1.3, 2.4~9)
Piano: Jane Doe (2.1)

This is especially the case for soundtracks and other stuff I often import from VGMdb. This tool adds a textbox at the top of the relationships page that allows you to past in these “1.1, 1.3, …” fields in them and have them automatically select all the respective recordings or works. It makes adding things to big releases with 100+ tracks a lot faster and a lot less prone to errors as opposed to checking all the recordings/works manually.


Hi @yyoung, didn’t you know Otringal’s Compare AcoustIDs Easier!?

There are more and more userscripts!
It’s very alive and interesting. :sweat_smile:


Musicbrainz Entity Images

Display images, logos, and posters on artist, place, label, and event pages!
No pictures this time, but heres an example for each of the types if you’re interested:
Artist, Place, Label, Event

Source | Install (Github)


Import releases from Wolfgang’s

Adds a button to seed MusicBrainz releases from Wolfgang’s release pages (sample release page). Wolfgang’s provides streaming for a wide collection of concert recordings along with live session recorded at the Daytrotter and Paste Magazine Studios. Over 76K recordings are hosted by the site.

While the site says only 30 second samples are available, the site currently lets you stream the full recordings without logging in. (The pages also contain the links to the .mp3 files in the HTML source)

Let me know if you run into any problems or have suggestions for changes.

Source | Install (Github)


Is the “Show acoustids on a Work page” script available anywhere today? I can’t find it searching and the bitbucket URL seems dead. This is a fantastic script and thanks to all who enable power-editors.

It’s now hosted on Github. The script can be downloaded from the Musicbrainz UserScripts page.

setlist.fm event importer

install source

This scripts allows you to import set lists from setlist.fm as MusicBrainz events.

setlist.fm importer

When viewing a set list on setlist.fm, a new “Add to MB” button will appear on the page.
Clicking the button will open a MusicBrainz create event window with the event form pre-filled with the set list data.

Feedback well come (this is my first userscript so be gentle).

edit: I fixed the script to work with Tampermonkey but had to modify the namespace so please uninstall the old version before installing latest


Cool. I use setlist all the time.


I assume there’s a large common user base. I personally don’t really like the setlist.fm interface and hope MB can replace it as the main live event source.


Really this script is still superb!
Events have been removed because it is now handled by MusicBrainz event art archive itself (EAA).

In fact I post a note in this topic to ask all users of @zabey/zabe040 following userscripts:

Please reinstall them manually because their auto-update was broken but has now been fixed!

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