A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

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I was about to post this and give you credit. It’s an awesome bookmarklet and has saved me a lot of time as of late.

If you can get a way to access Tidal’s info publically, that’d be awesome! And yes, if there was a way to import relationship credits, Wow!

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I’m wary of using track credits from digital releases. I’ve seen a lot of questionable ones, like 1) big name producers on tracks that were originally self-released 2) lyricists on instrumentals and 3) backing vocalists who have a suspiciously similar name to the lead singer but are considered a separate person.



I’d double check with this site. They give the actual labels themselves as the source for data and many releases even have barcodes (not all, and don’t trust the links to the digital media sites there at all) & cat #. Many of these releases that aren’t available in countries, i.e. “countries excluded” by the 3 digital sites given by a-tisket, are actually on the list of available countries there. Not sure if there is a way to import the data there as an add-on to a-tisket, but I would check the “excluded list” to see if we can clear out what is excluded to make some of these releases Worldwide, because the label says they are released there, but they must be just on another service than the big 3.

As with all digital release names and values, it depends on:

  1. What did the artist tell their label
  2. What did the label tell their distributor
  3. What did the distributor tell the digital store / platform

I usually see blank fields rather than incorrect values in what I work with.

This may be intentional if the track is actually supposed to be a karaoke track. In Japan, karaoke tracks are often called “instrumental”. MusicBrainz intends to put lyricist values on karaoke tracks.

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The example I’m thinking of (See It Like Sutherland [1, 2, 3]) isn’t a karaoke track, it’s just the label being sloppy and referring to the band members as both composer and lyricist when writer would be more appropriate if they’re not sure who did what.

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Small bug: A Spotify release without cover art still has link which just goes to the same page:
Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 18-08-29 Tai Sondeho Kori by RH Ovi a‐tisket A multi‐source seeder for MusicBrainz