45cat.com URLs and how do I add them?

How do I format 45cat.com URLs?

I have two separate edits I am trying to do. Two MB Releases:

The blue\pink one is 1972 edition I just added.

The black one is a 1982 reissue. Discogs links pointing to the 1982 version. (Originally added from that Discogs link)

But there is a 45cat.com link on the 1982 version pointing to the 1972 release. How do I fix it?

What do I paste into the URL box now for a valid link?

http://www.45cat.com/record/up35381 and http://www.45cat.com/record/up35381-2

The first of those two links should be on the 1972 (blue\pink) single, the second should be on the 1982 (black) single.

I cannot add either? Weird.


even the existing (1972) link is “not allowed” for other databases, and obviously 45cat.com is “other databases” (not any purchase site)
No way!

I’ve added another “other databases” link instead :wink:

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The links can only be added to the RG because their pages can sometimes have different editions with the same label/cat# on the same page. This happens to be the case with the two links above: same label/cat# but different variations of the cover art.


Ah, I think I get what you mean @joiletjake. As 45cat are not as fussy with their splits as MB we can’t use them at release level anymore. Even though there was a time when I guess it was possible.

I’ll add them to the RG level, but also in the annotations of the two versions as it is still useful cross reference.

And @ernstlx, we can never have too many links to other DBs. It is one of the nice things about MB that it has so many links to the outside world.

Have now added a couple more editions to the RG to fill some gaps.


@ernstlx your link to the Musik-Sammler site is a different edition. Look a the vinyl in the artwork - that is a Liberty release. And it is a 12", different cat no and size

I think Silver Machine | 7" (1983, Re-Release) von Hawkwind would be a better match, but they have the year wrong. No pictures of inner label so hard to check to be sure as the cat no was reused for many editions.


Sorry, that was a careless! - I changed it to the 7” version you’ve found. This one seems to be the correct version.


The “Info” on Musik-Sammler was copy/pasted from this Discogs release, but if you prefer removing to changing, that’s no problem either. I will do so.

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I think you can safely swap the 12" for the 7". Just a bit strange they have a different year. I don’t use the Musik-Sammler site so don’t know much about it. I did add their matching 1972 link.

My comment about lack of images is it could match more than one release. If someone updates it with images of the liberty vinyl it would then not match.

That Liberty 12" also has slightly odd information as the copyright (United Records Ltd) has mistakenly been added as a label which is why I am a little nervous as they don’t have the same level of double checks as a MB or Discogs. :slight_smile:

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There’s a different concept of maintenance: The original submitter becomes the owner of the record (DSV). All necessary corrections are carried out by them. Errors are reported to the DSV and should be corrected in this way. It doesn’t work very well, quite often… :sweat_smile: So, only trust releases where I am the DSV :wink:

However, regarding this release: when it was added to MS, the date on Discogs was 1972. Only later was it changed to 1982.

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