Zoo (amancalledzoo) area removed

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I currently do not have the ability to add notes to edits, being a new account, but I cannot help but think that the removal of Cincinnati as the area in the Zoo entry is incorrect. It is especially strange that this happened to the subject of the GCI-made tutorial video mentioned here.

Is there some way to explain edit 43281067, or is this edit merely waiting to be undone?


I’d expect this is, in the following order:

Area: we default to country, unless the artist is very specifically associated with a smaller area (guideline). In this case, is Zoo specifically seen as a Cincinnati artist?

Begin Date: since Zoo is set as “Person”, this is birth date. Obviously, this artist wasn’t born in 2012, unless he’s very precocious.

Begin Area: I assume this was removed because since the date was added for the foundation of the “band”/project, the area is likely to have been added with the same idea in mind, and the guy might not actually have been born in Cincinnati, but you’d have to ask @stupidname about this specific bit.