Yet another Various Artists question

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I’m trying to add this release:

Actually, there are a lot of releases around that are related to this Alan Lomax guy. I’m trying to get them sorted out in a semi-coherent way. There were a lot of releases under the “Alan Lomax Collection” so I’ve created a series for that.

This particular release, and most of the Alan Lomax Collection releases, are traditional music from a specific region, recorded by Lomax, mostly in the 50s. In this case especially it’s all original recordings by particular people at a particular time and place. It could reasonably be called Various Artists, but I wonder if it would make sense to list Lomax as the album artist, since he’s named on the cover and represents the unifying force?


Makes sense to me to put the album artist as Alan Lomax, that seems to be the artist intent.


WTF, that’s my home region, should listen to this too! :slight_smile:

Anyway, agreed, use Lomax for the release (although I’d not use him for the tracks, if the performer is unknown just use [unknown] or something).


If you need an example of what @reosarevok means, here’s something I added a while back:


Ok, here we go. That was a LOT of new artists to enter at once. The book that goes with it is available for download; I’ll fine tune the credits later, just wanted to get it saved before something went haywire and I had to do it all over again.

@reosarevok, can you tell me if I’ve entered the sort artist names for the new artists correctly?


Mostly it seems so, but sometimes they have two surnames and the first is listed as a name. I’ll review them and change anything that needs it :slight_smile: (and caps)

Edit: Done now, mostly. Also this is a fantastic album, thanks for bringing it to my notice :slight_smile:


Thanks! That’s what I was afraid of.