Wrong order on cover and Disc ID already attached

Hi everyone,

I need some help/votes for this release: Release “Концерт для друзей” by Юрий Лоза - MusicBrainz

I noticed today while listening that tracks 6&7 are switched and the back cover contains the wrong information.
Because I couldn’t switch the order of the tracks anymore I’ve deleted the DiscID attached to it. Now it says I need to wait 7 days

I hope this was the right procedure.

Thank you in advance


You shouldn’t need to delete the DiscID. Simply update the tracklist by entering the right track title at positions 6 and 7.

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There already are some AcoustID and ISRC.
So you can either remove disc ID, move tracks, re-add disc ID.
Or maybe indeed it’s possible to edit tracklist and then swapping the assigned recordings in the Recordings tab.

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Before you remove Disc ID, I would to switch order of the tracks, I would first check with the track lengths.

Given that both Recordings have associated AcoustIDs and AcousticBrainz submissions, it is likely that those submissions have been done for the right tracks even though it might have been under the wrong title. If this is the case, I would just rename the tracks in the track list (like you did in https://musicbrainz.org/edit/86498593). That way the associated AcoustIDs and AcousticBrainz submissions remain attached to the correct audio and will have the title fixed soon enough as the change propagates.

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Thanks, Freso!

This was my first idea tbh. But somehow I though that deleting the DiscID was the better approach. Sorry.

I’m unsure what to do now? Should I wait or should I cancel the edit and rename like in the first edit.

Cancel the discID delete. The disc is one solid thing you can be certain of.

Then edit the track list to fit what you hear. Also add an annotation explaining that “Track list as printed is wrong. When listened to by ear track 6 is blah and track 7 is whotsit”. Also make sure the Recordings linked have the correct name as you hear them after you do your edits.

This is not unusual. I’ve seen this happen on many occasions.


I think I checked AcoustID lengths and that they were associated with the right title, not the right track (position in medium).
So you would have to rename tracks but not rename recordings, just swap them (in the Recordings tab).
But please check, before editing.


Is the iTunes\digital media version showing the same error then?

I am a little confused as usually when two tracks are swapped on a CD the names and lengths swap too. Here the names and lengths as currently listed are same as iTunes\Digital Media edition.

I know iTunes makes errors all the time. Maybe someone can listen to iTunes and compare?

they fixed it on the digital release but replaced another track (track 3 on the cd) with a re-recording and put it at the end. Strange

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CD reissues often squeeze extras on. I have some CDs with original artwork, but changed track lists. Or plain production errors swapping tracks around different to the printed order.

The main way you can check it is all correct in the end is that your recordings are the same length, and the AcoustIDs you generate match. The ear is always best.

Leaving lots of details in the annotation helps out the next person who sees this same thing.

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tried my best to change it now. When the change is through I will change the linked recordings names.


This is what I don’t understand.

Are you saying these lengths are correct?
6 Песенка проститутки - 3:38
7 Памяти Высоцкого - 2:23

This seems to clash with the digital release as it has the lengths the other way around.

AHHH - Now I see!! Now you have corrected the CD, the errors on the Digital release are showing up. Your track 6 and 7 are track 5 and 6 on iTunes. The more I look at the MB Digital release page I realise it is totally different to the release at iTunes page linked from the side. ( ‎Альбом «Концерт для друзей» (Юрий Лоза) в Apple Music )

I see you have it all in hand by correcting the skewed Digital Media track list. https://musicbrainz.org/edit/86499435

All makes sense now :slight_smile: