What to do when printed track order doesn't match cd track order?


The track names order as printed on the booklet on the CD 5 of Release “戦場の狼 & TOP SECRET ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION” by 河本圭代, 松前真奈美, Rob Hubbard, Mark Cooksey, 藤田晴美, 民谷淳子, Kohji Murata, Lawrence Schwedler, Tim Follin & Simon Viklund - MusicBrainz (Commando/Bionic Commando compilation) doesn’t match the track order as it is on the actual disc. You can find the information in the linked Senjou no Ookami & TOP SECRET ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION | CDGM-10038 - VGMdb page as well.

I did look up the documentation about correcting errors to refresh my memory a bit but the examples on the page don’t really mention track order mishaps, rather they only really cover spelling errors.

I was going to correct the listing and add an annotation to mention the misprint, but figured I’d ask before I did that, just in case.


That seems to be what has been suggested before.


Perfectissimo :ok_hand::heart:

If you spotted a good place in the docs where that info could go let us know, we can put in an edit on the wiki.


@Beckfield @aerozol

Thank you both. :slight_smile:

As for a good place in the docs, you are asking the wrong person entirely. :smiley:

I was expecting to find something that would fit in the Style / Principle / Error correction and artist intent - MusicBrainz page, but I’m not sure if there would be a better place elsewhere. Maybe it’s already there somewhere and I just couldn’t find it.

Here is what I did for Release “Christmas in Carolina” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz
It took multiple edits and very careful explanation, I even provided an “edited” booklet.


Perfect, I’ve added a line about this situation. Mr style lead, @reosarevok, will have to review before it makes it to the guidelines :slight_smile:

Because of the issues this can cause with DiscID’s I imagine there’s not much discussion to be had. It should be fixed for CD releases, and if for those, then all releases to be consistent. Let’s see if anyone pipes up with a different opinion :ok_hand:


Rewrote it a bit, then transcluded :slight_smile: