Wrong Coverphotos in my Car

Hello, Several songs have a wrong coverphoto on my car’s “dashboard” (songs coming from USB-drive). The songs have the correct picture in the files on my computer, but these"wrong" files all have the same wrong jpg-photo. I’ve been checking several things but I don’t seem to find any similarities in the files. I checked the size of the jpg in KB and/or Pixels, if they have tot be square instead of rectangular. Can’t seem to find anything all these files have in common.
Looks like it has something to do with my car’s software, but what and how could i avoid it?
Thx. My Car is a renault Espace 2015 with R-link.

Probably best to work with a test stick and try a few things.

For example, some systems prefer to see cover.jpg. Some look for folder.jpg. Some have to have embedded. Setup three test albums with one of each combo.

I used to have one old media player that would only use a folder.jpg and nothing else. I think Android prefers a cover.jpg which is what I guess your car is looking for.

When check this on your computer, also make sure you have hidden files enabled in case there is something out of sight.


Yes, or maybe these files have a PNG or PDF cover, but your car only understands JPG.


There is a good amount of info on In-car music libraries - bliss

Check the manual for your car. Car units are especially picky about sizes of image, images embedded in files, filenames etc