Writer . Composer / Lyrcist

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First the example: Marla Glen - Friends
Writing credits are printed on the Back cover, for example “(Crosio / Glen)” …only last name - great, if you want to identify the co-writer :sweat:
I’ve chosen the Writer relationship as I wasn’t sure who done what. Only for tracks credited Glen/Glen I separated it.
Or is there a general rule to write “Composer / Lyricist”?
Afterwards I found out, that Marla explained in the booklet that she wrote all of the lyrics, so it’s clear that I have to cancel all those relationships (and first for the previously added God EP before time is up :cold_sweat:

And there’s a related question: if a song is “written by” a single artist, should it be split up into composer/lyricist? (as this Work has a defined Composer and Lyricist, no matter what the cover information says)
Or should it stay the way it is printed? Or doesn’t it make any difference at all?


Yes, if a single person is both composer and lyricist they should be credited as both. “Writer” should only be used when the role is not known.


Thanks to @psychoadept! That’s how I’ve done it.

And my other question (is it a general rule?) was answered when editing my second example. There it is the other way round - Lyricist / Composer. I hope it’s at least consistent within one album…

BTW: Marla’s explanations are written in German language, so this is clearly a German release … or German + Austrian. If I would set all German releases to Germany plus Austria, it would boost the number of Austrian releases in private databases exponentially as Picard will probably pick the first one in alphabetical order. :grin:


When you see credits artist / artist, it will be most of the time author / composer or lyricist / composer, with MB terminology.

But you can’t be sure, so based on other source, like the liner notes as you did, is required.
When still don’t know, use writer.

All you supposed by yourself was good.



Marla Glen’s writing credits were a real challenge. The worst were her (co-)composers. There’s now a person “Moll” in the database, of whom I know exactly nothing. It’s not really a rare name, not only in Germany, and even in a musical context, there are several of them, but none has any documented relationship to Marla or this work. :unamused:

Maybe I will stumble over this guy again and his (or her) identity will be revealed… :slightly_smiling_face:

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