Would this be an official album or not?

im adding this album im not shure if this is an official album or not it looks like it was sparrows idear and what what be the corect way of adding the Title and releases group

the links are for images

they hay done the same thing with other artists such as John Michael Talbot and Silverwind

As long as the label had the right to release the music, it should be official :slight_smile: (the only case where you wouldn’t use official for something like this is when the label just stole the content and put it out without permission as a bootleg, which is rare except for a few specific bootleg labels that make this their mode of operation).

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I’d mark that as a Compilation as it looks like two of his albums repackaged for sale.

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ok ill put it as offical Compilation. but what would you call it Sparrow Double Play Cd like is on the cover and disc or All My Best / The Language Of Jesus Is Love witch is on the spine? on Spotify

on apple music

on amazon

on page 24 look for barcode 017627118629

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I would title this as “Sparrow Double Play CD: All the Best / The Language of Jesus is Love”. I don’t see the spine in any of that cover art, but the “Swallow Double Play CD” appears on both front covers and discs. The other alternative would be to treat “Sparrow Double Play CD” as a series and just title it “All the Best / The Language of Jesus is Love”.

You can add RG-RG relationships “includes” linking to the original albums.


i like your idear of naming it “Sparrow Double Play CD: All the Best / The Language of Jesus is Love”. it sounds right dont know about making it as a series there are only 3 albums i can find. linking the original albums is a good idear never thort of that. I will do that when thay are made.
if any one disagrees and thinks “Sparrow Double Play CD” should be a series let me know :slight_smile:


Sparrow Double Play CD is a series now ive had a more of a look at things. but i have a feeling it may be more then that i recon it is the title of the album as well they made it stand out a lot

a release group was all ready made for Silverwind / A Song in the Night: Sparrow Double Play CD douse it matter if Sparrow Double Play CD: All the Best / The Language of Jesus is Love and Silverwind / A Song in the Night: Sparrow Double Play CD both have the Sparrow Double Play CD in different spots

This is quite common for a label to repackage albums like this. And then put them out in a series with a common title on them.

With the titles, it is where a bit of common sense is allowed. You are aiming to show what is on the cover, but no one should shout at you if you make the order consistent.

If in doubt, you could use the Spine as a guide. I’d expect the spine will stay in the same order even if the cover sometimes puts “Sparrow Double Play CD” at the top, and other times puts it at the bottom.

I expect if you look in Sparrow’s catalogue on their website they name them in a consistent manner.


As IvanDobsky says, nobody will should at you to make them all the same, but if you want to then feel free to edit them so they all match. Will be satisfying :stuck_out_tongue:

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The guidelines only say that the format should be “Title: Subtitle”. Often, which is title and which is subtitle is subject to interpretation. @ivandobsky’s suggestion to check the spine is a good one since it has to be linear and is less subject to graphic designers’ whims.


the spine on the Scott Wesley Brown one has Scott Wesley All the Best / The Language of Jesus is Love the others i have no clue ill try and look for a spin when i get home from work this afternoon

Sounds like the spines may not be much use if they don’t include the series name. That just adds to the confusion if they don’t have the series title.

I’d pick something consistent and stick to it for the whole series, but then I like to be neat :wink:


i sent an email to the person that added one of the albums to see if he wonted a say as it looks like the person may have had the album in hand so ill give that person till tomorrow night to reply then ill make the edits