Would it be possible to get a list of releases that have a certain URL?

I want to mirror missing artwork/scans, mainly from VGMDB. I was wondering if it’s possible to get a list of releases that have a VGMDB URL, perhaps filtered by releases that only have one or two associated images.

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When I wanted to get all URLs for specific domains (to do database cleanup work), I downloaded a recent database dump (mbdump.tar.bz2), extracted just the url table, and then used grep to filter the rows. Note that this takes a lot of disk space and CPU – see MBS-12960.

I don’t know if there’s any practical way to filter those by number of cover images without setting up a database so you can query it, though.


You know, I totally forgot I could just download a database dump. I’ll look into that later then, thanks.

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You can also use the URL search web service:


Theoretically, parameter values should be encoded (encodeURIComponent):


If the first URL did not work in your browser, this one is more legit, anyway.

You can paginate results with offset and limit but there is a bug in this case where all scores are equal (100).