Worth a new work for swan lake of Putipa version?

This release is performed based on Putipa version of swan lake which is the most performed swan lake version in a theatre.

According to wikipedia, this version has a significant difference to the Tchaikovsky’s original version.
Currently the work is linked to the original Tchaikovsky’s version.
I think this work is worth creating a new revision of swan lake, but I’m not sure it’s OK to do that.
So I want to ask a question about it’s worth creating a new work for this?
When create a work, the structure is like this?
Swan lake (putipa revision) is revision of Swan lake (orignal)
Swan lake (putipa version) has parts Swan lake: Act I.(putipa version) which is revision of Swan lake: Act I (original version).

In theory it seems sensible to have both options (“revision” is usually for the composer’s own versions, I’d just go with “arrangement” or “later version”) although it kinda seems it’ll be hard to know when to use this and when the original or a separate, third version.

Thanks for reply.
I agree it is hard to know which version should be linked.
If a swan lake release is a complete recording, Putipa version has some extra scenes and some scenes are removed and order of scene is different, I think we can find which version is used. But if there is third version of it, it might be difficult to find which version is used.
And a release is excerpt from complete ballet, it seems hard to find which version should be linked.
Another concern is “guess work” tool might confuse with these version and would link to wrong version.
I found another release which is using Putipa version. This release don’t have a link to a work.

I didn’t recognize a difference of revision and later version, thank you for letting me know.

With the “third” version I meant any extra changes made by the performers since the wiki page says most current performances are based on this version but they change more things :slight_smile: