Works with Place Names in the Title (collection)

While I also really love the batch add to collection script and use it all the time, I have not coded it. This credit goes to @yyoung :blush:
But I will probably announce some new userscripts and bookmarklets later this year on which I am currently working :shushing_face:


Can’t put a pin in that one. Or is it a town in Georgia? That state seems to be surprisingly common.

Not using the script, I do things the hard way. Middle mouse button and open loads of tabs. I like the manual way as it also lets me see how often I overlap with someone else’s idea (probably less than 1% of the time)

As I only own a single Dylan CD I thought I’d leave him to his fans. I have more obscure stuff to add first. I focus on stuff I can actually verify.

Sounds like fun: I’ll gladly add my share of (mostly non-english) titles/works with places if you add me :grinning:


I think this worthy mission needs its own thread. Maybe @Freso or other forum mod can punt us off to a new thread from post #91 ? This Off Topic thread is now going very much on one topic and that is therefore off topic for off topic and needs its own topic.

Welcome to the mission @chabreyflint. Warning - can be addictive. And the more obscure the locations the better. “Must be able to put a pin in it on a map” is the simple rule I have followed.

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Yes please, I wont add much but I’ll add them as I come across them :+1:


Welcome to the madness @aerozol and @chabreyflint .

Again, apologies for dragging this conversation of off-topic subject matter off course! I didn’t expect this much response to this silly quest :laughing: - happy for further talk to be in a seperate thread etc.


No apology required. This is on topic to off topic, but now such a topic in its own right I think it deserves its own thread. You have found many fellow location loons and I can see this conversation expanding. Nice idea

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If you’re okay with non-English Works, I’d be happy to add ones I know of/come across too. :slight_smile:

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I’ll add you to the list of contributors

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Mecca - No

Why is Mecca (Wikipedia) not an allowed place? If it’s just for being a religiously relevant place, then Jerusalem also shouldn’t be allowed… and probably places like Stonehenge too and lots more.

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That is me being an ignoramus :sweat: - will update the description.

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Have updated the description.

Everyday is a school day here at Metabrainz :laughing: :brain:

So looking through some possible additions, a couple of questions.

  1. Is “Earth” something that belongs in this collection, or is it too generic (similar to other celestial objects)? (This was also asked previously by @jesus2099 but I didn’t notice an answer to this.)
  2. Are adjectives okay? Like, uh, “California” is clearly okay, but what about “Californian”? (Or Denmark/Danish, Canada/Canadian, etc.)
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this is such a cool project! i’d love to contribute, do you think i could have access? :slight_smile:

Can I be added ? I have time to waste :slight_smile:

your wish has been granted - welcome to the fun house!

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Indeed you have been added, please waste time on this fruitful endeavour :clock1: :grin:

I’d expect Earth would probably be acceptable. I mean, no matter where you point on a map, it’s there. :wink:

after looking through 7 pages, I found two adjectives, and I added the first one:

I personally would think it’s okay, but I defer to for the final say on that. if it is, I suppose Bohemian Rhapsody and Bohemian Like You would be good additions~

I could use a good time waster. May I be added?

Song with my hometown in them: