Works with Place Names in the Title (collection)

make that at least 3 on Stonehenge :wink:
this one was one of my favorites back in 2013, after " The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" came out.

darn, I was almost considering adding Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars… although, I guess that would be Earth, soo… :wink:

Got a few more added for the Stones. Also Mên-an-Tol and Boscawen-Ûn

Only if they say where they attacked… :grin:

BTW - just seen your notes on the page. Mecca is a place on earth. That needs to be included.

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I browsed artists starting with letter A in my collection and added their place/area works. :slight_smile:


I browsed artists on my desk and HiFi today… and then ran down all kinds of mad tangents. Focusing on obscure. Now I know you are at A - I’m off down the other end of the alphabet.

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Problem is that I often start many things for the A artists, then even the B’z don’t get my browsing. :slight_smile:


What I have found interesting is how some artists never mention a place in their whole career. Then you look at a Bob Dylan and he seems to have eaten a map. (I ran away from his list after a brief glance… he loves places)


well, I kinda added a lot more than I expected to the collection, including all the applicable “Christmas in…” songs that exist in the DB… :sweat_smile:

I also added the few “Weird Al” Yankovic songs that apply, and from a couple of my favorite artists.


Haha - know the feeling… I don’t dare look at the main list as I know far too many of those links will be purple. Any fun excuse to poke around my music collection.

The Christmas In… songs are a clever thought. Wonder what gave you that idea? :laughing: (Wow - 108,000!)

If you’re adding those Weird Al paraody songs it will mean I’ll need to add these: Terry Garoghan - Works - MusicBrainz Almost every song of his is about the city of Brighton and named after streets and districts… Maybe do that list another day

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He’s been everywhere, man.

I thought of that one too, unfortunately it doesn’t go in the collection. all the place names are in the lyrics, not the title… maybe it gets an honorable mention? :joy:

I did start the list song tag though, surprised it wasn’t already a thing here. if anyone’s interested, there’s even a Wikipedia article! :wink:

Are you all using @kellnerd’s batch add to collection script?

No more need to run then :smiley:

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While I also really love the batch add to collection script and use it all the time, I have not coded it. This credit goes to @yyoung :blush:
But I will probably announce some new userscripts and bookmarklets later this year on which I am currently working :shushing_face:


Can’t put a pin in that one. Or is it a town in Georgia? That state seems to be surprisingly common.

Not using the script, I do things the hard way. Middle mouse button and open loads of tabs. I like the manual way as it also lets me see how often I overlap with someone else’s idea (probably less than 1% of the time)

As I only own a single Dylan CD I thought I’d leave him to his fans. I have more obscure stuff to add first. I focus on stuff I can actually verify.

Sounds like fun: I’ll gladly add my share of (mostly non-english) titles/works with places if you add me :grinning:


I think this worthy mission needs its own thread. Maybe @Freso or other forum mod can punt us off to a new thread from post #91 ? This Off Topic thread is now going very much on one topic and that is therefore off topic for off topic and needs its own topic.

Welcome to the mission @chabreyflint. Warning - can be addictive. And the more obscure the locations the better. “Must be able to put a pin in it on a map” is the simple rule I have followed.

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Yes please, I wont add much but I’ll add them as I come across them :+1:


Welcome to the madness @aerozol and @chabreyflint .

Again, apologies for dragging this conversation of off-topic subject matter off course! I didn’t expect this much response to this silly quest :laughing: - happy for further talk to be in a seperate thread etc.


No apology required. This is on topic to off topic, but now such a topic in its own right I think it deserves its own thread. You have found many fellow location loons and I can see this conversation expanding. Nice idea

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If you’re okay with non-English Works, I’d be happy to add ones I know of/come across too. :slight_smile:

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I’ll add you to the list of contributors

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