Works with invalid/ill-formatted identifiers

Hi all,

Would it be possible for some one to make me a new list like this one? Or maybe explain to me how to do it myself?

I have asked the original author several times but no reply

Thanks all


it is possible~ the documentation is here: Collections - MusicBrainz

tl;dr you can add items to a collection (either existing or a new collection) from the entity’s sidebar near the bottom. each collection only contains one entity type (works, release groups, etc.)

Hi Ultimate,

Thank you for your reply. I think I didn’t make my question clear.

This list used to contain works with a wrong Work Attribute. I have cleaned up that list more than a year ago. My question is… Can some one produce a new list with Work attributes that are wrong, like the list I showed you

ah, I figured that was quite possibly the case. that would be a question for @ROpdebee then, I suspect some sort of userscript or something tho…

on the other hand, this seems like it could be a reason to add a new report, I believe those can be requested in Jira, under MBS under the Reports component

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Yes I know and I have asked several times but no response

Hi, sorry, completely forgot about this. The list was originally generated from a dump of work IDs extracted from a database copy and then checking the codes against the patterns used in the relevant scripts. Unfortunately I’ve removed my database copy a while ago already, so I don’t think I’ll be able to generate a new list of these any time soon.

Oww that is a shame. Well thank you for your reply