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I have a question…

Ted Harris appears twice in MB. And it’s a mess. Some songs are linked to the wrong Ted Harris. Here, unfortunately, I am partly to blame. I really have no idea how to fix this now. Is there perhaps someone who has the time and inclination to take a look at this.

It is not clear to me which Ted Harris I should link the works to.

Thank you very much

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Name Sort Name Type Gender Area Begin Begin Area End End Area
Ted Harris (US Rockabilly/Country artist) Harris, Ted Person Male
Ted Harris (Country music songwriter) Harris, Ted Person 1937-08-02 2015-11-22

Ironically, their Discogs links are somehow swapped (see birth/death dates).

Hi Jees, thank you. Think the Disambiguation is not right either. Did you change the Birth Dates and the discogs links for me? Getting so confused by this

Assuming these are actually different people, it is a mess.

Artist A has legal name alias Theodore Clifford Harris.

Artist B has IPI 00013476797.

But based on work links, we can look at ISWCnet and find that IPI 00013476797 is for someone named Theodore Clifford Harris, same as artist A (and artist A is linked to several works associated with this IPI). For writing credits when there are multiple identically-named artists, the ISWCnet database can be very useful.

Fortunately there are not too many relationships. At this point, just arbitrarily pick which artist should be used for what purpose and then you can start editing details that are wrong with your pick.


Ty draconx.

Is there some willing to adjust the artists for me. I will do the works later. It’s confusing me too much


OK, I arbitrarily picked “Artist A” as “Theodore Clifford Harris” and moved information over from “Artist B”, to make everything match the current discogs links, as well as a quick scan of works in ISWCnet to edit some bad relationships. I left all these edits open for voting.

I don’t know anything about these artists so someone more knowledgeable should write some annotations and/or fill in details for “Artist B”.<&conditions.1.args.0=2022-12-15T21%3A00&conditions.1.args.1=&conditions.2.field=open_time&conditions.2.operator=>&conditions.2.args.0=2022-12-15T00%3A00&conditions.2.args.1=&field=Please+choose+a+condition

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TY So much Draconx, I voted yes for everything. thank you again

Greets Tis