Work to work relationships for arguments between musicians

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The other day someone mentioned to me that Sweet Home Alabama was a song written in response to Southern Man and Alabama by Neil Young. I was curious to see if this relationship was captured in MusicBrainz but there doesn’t seem to be a relationship type for this.

Similarly there is case of NOFX and Kathleen Hanna arguing with each other with their song lyrics. Would it make sense to model these relationships or is it too broad?

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There are a few like Based On that could be used. Nothing as direct as “In Response To”.

Personally I agree with you that these relationships make the database interesting, but details should then be added to an Annotation on the Work explaining the links.

Awesome. Musicbrainz is the official home of Diss Tracks on YouTube.
What’s next, karaoke phone apps that allow users to share their tracks being posted as releases… my bad, we already have that.