Work based on vs Music/lyrics quoted on

I’m confused about when to use one or the other. I’ve read the guidelines multiple times but the classical examples are not helping. Can anyone give me a more clear example using more recent mainstream music?

My main doubt is how much of another work should be used to be considered “based on” it instead of just a quotation? Also, in both cases, should a relationship type between recordings of these works be added as “samples”?

Not sure about the first question, but the second question I would only use “samples” if it literally samples the recording. If it’s just “interpolates”, etc. (In other words current artist is just performing part of the work in their recording), I wouldn’t use “samples”. In booklets, it will usually not only give the work, but say something such as “as performed by” to point to a recording in addition to the work. I personally probably wouldn’t use “based on” unless it says such wording in the source.

Ok, let me give you an example then. After LIKE by IVE interpolates I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. (it starts at 0:49) That’s the word they used it in the credits, interpolation, but aren’t they literally sampling a piece of the instrumental of I Will Survive? I credited this as a sample for the recording and as based on I Will Survive for the work, but now I’m not so sure if it’s correct.

Another editor also credited Alien Superstar by Beyoncé as based on I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred because the chorus (starts at 0:56) is sung using the same melody, but that’s only the chorus and on the credits it only says interpolation, so shouldn’t it be “music quoted from” instead?

An interpolation is not always a sample. It could mean that they are just performing the same work at that point. But since it says, “by Gloria Gaynor”, then it probably is a true sample. I think you are ok on the sample relationship. As far as “based on”, I’m not sure.

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I agree with you about the Alien Superstar. I wouldn’t say based on if it’s just using the same melody as a portion. I think (could be wrong) that the “music quoted from” is a newer relationship that used not to be there, so “based on” might have been the best option at that time.


Don’t forget about the “replayed samples” that appear as Interpolation in the credits.
Artist want to sample a peace of music but it’s too expensive. They hire an agency to replay the sample so they can just credit the work and not the recording itself and call it an Interpolation.
Forgot the name of the biggest agency specialized on replaying stuff.

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for After LIKE, it doesn’t quite sound like the original Gloria Gaynor track (starting around 1:10). in that case I’d say it’d be a Quotes music from relationship.

for Alien Superstar, I might not even add that relation, unless it’s actually credited as such. it’s just got the same rhythm and very general lyrical structure, but not the same melody. however, if they do credit it, that would also be Quotes music from in my book.


Thanks, just made those changes. Will also be revising some old sample edits I’ve made.