[Win10] "could not load album" and can't Log In in Picard


I am using the latest version of Picard and my Windows 10 seems to be updated too.
The website itself works fine.
After I manually added Picard to Windows’ Firewall I could get SSL certificate errors for a bit but most of the time it’s just “Connection closed”. I saw something about this problem on this forum but there is no solution for the latest Windows version. What do I do?

I was thinking maybe there are problems with musicbrainz.org and port 443 which is set in my settings. Maybe my router blocks something idk. Also I am from Russia so maybe they blocked something crucial that broke Picard for me. I am not well versed in the network stuff.


E: 16:20:55,081 webservice._handle_reply:534: Network request error for https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/recording?limit=50&query=track%3A(Angreifer)%20qdur%3A(213) → Connection closed (QT code 2, HTTP code 0)

E: 16:20:55,081 file._lookup_finished:830: Network error encountered during the lookup for C:\Users\Shifty\Music\my youtube mix\Angreifer.opus. Error code: 2

E: 16:20:59,766 webservice._handle_reply:534: Network request error for VAMPIR → Connection closed (QT code 2, HTTP code 0)

E: 16:20:59,767 ui/item.error_append:108: <Album 3081853c-cbe1-4340-80d3-85b8688887f4 ‘’>: Connection closed

Russia has added MusicBrainz to their naughty list and it’s being blocked by “the powers that be”. Your connection issues are likely government based.

So as suggested, see if musicbrainz.eu works for you? Look in Picard \ Options \ General and you can change the server in there.


Yes, everything works, thanks! Guess I should finally find myself a VPN solution. This is just stupid at this point (why block random websites?).


I think that is a quote that can be thrown at any government on the planet. And the answer is always the same - someone didn’t like something.

Good it works. And if they block .eu then check that other thread and no doubt more domains will be registered…

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Because we store info about a 90’s Russian album with a title about voting (not even that overtly anti-government, from what I could tell) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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