Wikipedia and MusicBrainz

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As Wikipedia was brought up I was wondering (and have been for some time)

Wikipedia and Musicbrainz are similar projects based around open data.
Is/has there any official/unofficial relationship between them?

even on the basic level we link to Wikipedia/wikidata articles but is there any replication of this where Wikipedia articles link back to Musicbrainz?

I have never seen any. Is there a reason for this e.g. Wikipedia don’t want Musicbrainz linked to artists/releases? I have occasionally seen discogs linked from Wikipedia. But maybe they are wrong and against wikipedia’s factual/referenced policy and we are not trusted enough it is as simple as that.

I am not much of a Wikipedia editor (handfuls of edits over a decade), my google-fu skills turned up nothing about this. (maybe (likely) I am looking in the wrong places maybe some wikipedia mailing list thing or something shrug

I would have thought it could be a logical step for gaining new followers/increasing public awareness of Musicbrainz if it was possible.
(For Wikipedia a link on artists to mb so users can find more info (maybe that is not desired at all to them - I am unclear on Wikipedia’s policies/goals at times shrug)

I don’t if no-one has ever tried to add MB links (seems unlikely) or if dialogue had ever taken place between the MB staff and Wikipedia staff to get closer ties with these 2 projects (Musicbrainz becoming a “trusted” source) or even if it is desirable?
But I am curious as to the answers.

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Wikipedia does show MusicBrainz IDs in the “Authority control” box. I have no idea who or what is responsible for adding it… (near the bottom of the page)


ok sorry I completely missed that. I was looking for it in a more obvious, I suppose, way. I just presumed I would see in the external links or misguidedly/optimistically in the top right box linking to the artists. But it was buried at the bottom.

I don’t anything for the albums though (I guess could be linked to the release groups) or maybe I have missed that too.

Still curious to know what, if any, links (communication/relationship not html links) we have with Wikipedia

Wikipedia User:JonnyJD added the “MBA” entry to Wikipedia’s Authority Control template in 2013.

There is a Babel template which Wikipedia editors can add to their User page to indicate that they also work on MusicBrainz. There is a Wikipedia category “Wikipedians who contribute to MusicBrainz”, listing JonnyJD and about 56 other editors.

There was a WikiProject Musicbrainz, but it was deleted in 2011, apparently because there had been no activity since 2008.

That’s what I can see from a quick look through Wikipedia project pages. I have no information about whether the leadership of the MetaBrainz Foundation talks to the leadership of the WikiMedia Foundation, or other high-level connections like that.

There is also an interesting Wikipedia Category, Wikipedia MusicBrainz administration.

The 2013 MusicBrainz summit was hosted by Wikimedia Germany in Berlin. There are also some people who are active in both communities.

MB links in authority control templates are drawn from Wikidata. There is a WD bot run by @Mineo that adds those links based on the links to WD in MB.

On the other hand, the French Wikipedia told @murdos at some point that they didn’t want any links to MB (because if it’s relevant it should be in the article). So it depends a bit.

Well, the information is in Wikidata anyway, whether a particular project decides to display it (like English Wikipedia did) or not (like French Wikipedia).

One thing to note is linking to wiki data is preferred over linking to a language specific article.
Linking to wikidata allows the language specific article to be found instead of being fixed with the one article.
It looks like MineoBot is the bot that adds musicbrainz entries in to wikidata so you should only need to link from there to here for it to show up in both.

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That project never looked pretty official. When in 2008 I thought it would be a good idea to contribute to this project and added a couple of links from Wikiepdia artists pages to (using the template provided by the project) my edits were immediately reverted and I got threatened with being banned from Wikipedia.

I am glad to see that situation has improved. I think this is mostly due to the Wikidata project.

Sorry for bumping an older threat, but the MB id for artist in wikidata is present for 1600+ artists currently (eg
It would be nice if more people would add IDs to wikidata and possibly other sites as well. Crosslinking back to MB will gain this source more attention.


@Mineo made a bot that is adding tons of links from Wikidata to MusicBrainz. If you add a link to Wikidata from MusicBrainz, the bot will (eventually) pick it up and make a link from Wikidata back to MusicBrainz.