Wikidata vs. Wikipedia

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More and more entities are being linked to a Wikidata entry. In an earlier discussion in march dns_server said [quote=“dns_server, post:9, topic:4196”]
One thing to note is linking to wiki data is preferred over linking to a language specific article.
Linking to wikidata allows the language specific article to be found instead of being fixed with the one article.
[/quote] or jesus2099 in may: [quote=“jesus2099, post:5, topic:46421, full:true”]
Please link the Wikidata link alone instead of any Wikipedia link.
At least if it exists, you can right-click copy it from the Wikipedia left hand side bar.
This way, it will survive any further Wikipedia renames and it will link to all languages.

Is this consensus or official policy? Does it make sense to keep the Wikipedia link(s) once we have linked to Wikidata or should they be removed as redundant?

And shouldn’t we add some words about the preferred policy (and about Wikidata in general) in our documentation?



Thanks chirlu for the link :slight_smile: But that was in Spring 2015. Where are we now? What is the current policy (if there is any? :confused:


The same; we are just behind on acting on it, as usual. Links to Wikipedias except for the English one have mostly been removed by now.


There is a screen shot in the following post, showing how my mb. ALL LINKS user script expands Wikidata links to your favourite language Wikipedia pages.
@Yvanz even made some trick so that your favourite languages are auto detected on most browsers.

Note that current MB language Wikipedia page excerpt and link from Wikidata is already in place.


Comments, which date until Automn 2015, point to related tickets. See also this forum post:

Thus there is probably no need to change the style guideline before these tickets get solved. However, implications of Wikidata URL relationships should probably be documented, I just filed STYLE-695 about this.


On the page for swiss bandleader Cedric Dumont (where wikidata lists wikipedia pages in german, french and japanese) the wikipage shown by default when browsing MusicBrainz in English is the japanese one… Seems to be a bug: IMO the default should go primarily to a language using the same script (here: latin)


MBS-8417. There are a number of tickets related to this topic; many are mentioned in the comments to the blog post, too.


The last comment on MBS-8417 is mine, had completely forgotten about this :wink: