Wiki.musicbrainz: What is in there? How do I get an overview?

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I’ve been puzzled by the MB wiki.
I’m looking at the front page yet again.
Maybe there is something not mentioned on the front page that is useful in there.

It seem to be presented as a black box into which I can reach and see if my search term is successful.

Are the articles tagged?
Is there an accessible list of the articles?

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Maybe this “special page” is useful?


There are also all the user pages and sub-pages.
Apparently they don’t appear on this all pages list.

I tried to find them all, but it’s not guaranteed as it’s just a search of word “A” in “User” category.

Useless link removed. See post below for effective search.

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You can change the namespace in the box at the top of Special:AllPages. This is the AllPages for the User: namespace: