Wiki formatting for Annotation not working as documented for square brackets "["

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fe31585e440> #<Tag:0x00007fe31585e350>

In this Annotation edit I’ve wanted to use square brackets

I’ve followed the description under

Wiki formatting
You may use the following wiki formatting in your annotations.

’’’’‘bold italics’’’’’
---- (for an horizontal rule)
= Title 1 =
== Title 2 ==
=== Title 3 ===

  • (preceded by four spaces, at the start of a line) for bulleted list
    Eight spaces (at the start of a line) for code
    url or [url] or [url|description] for links (note the pipe “|”)
    Note that anything else won’t work - especially not interwiki links, and not html markup.

As square brackets are used for hyperlinks, you have to use the encoded html equivalents (&#91; for [ and &#93; for ]) if you don’t want them to be converted into hyperlinks. Example: If you want to use [unknown] in the annotation, you’ll have to write &#91;unknown&#93;.

In preview [Music] works fine. But all my tries submitting ended the same: with Music as hyperlink interpreted. What didn’t I get?

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I’d take that to IRC.

Now I get a wild uninformed guess framed as a question:
Do the wiki and the real Musicbrainz use the same sort of language? Mark-up vs mark-down or some such. ( This doesn’t explain the Preview situation at all though. So its probably a bad guess.)

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This is a known bug reported at MBS-4709. Besides, there is a larger improvement project to unify markup for annotations, edit notes and event setlists at MBS-8120. That would probably be in favour of the same flavour of Markdown as Discourse is using, see OTHER-77.