Why was my contribution deleted?

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I received a notice that a couple of the artists hat I contributed was deleted; I can understand the one, I forgot to add any additional information informing that the band existed but the other one - Geronimo’s Cadillac I provided several sources of information, https://musicbrainz.org/edit/60629894

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I’m guessing here, but perhaps the information that you had in your edit note was not entered as artist relationships? ModBot will remove entities that don’t have any connected records (e.g.: relationships, recordings, works, etc.)

If you re-enter the artist record and add the home page link of geronimoscadillac.com (as a link rather than just in the edit notes), I suspect that it will not be deleted again by ModBot.


It looks like @rdswift is right. Note that when you added Steve Jochum, you added a link to his homepage, and this artist hasn’t been deleted.


As @rdswift and @Billy_Yank have pointed out, you need to add something to the actual entity, not just in the edit note. MusicBrainz will actually warn you if an entity is about to get deleted by showing a yellow box with a warning, as mentioned in https://musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_an_Artist :


Duly noted, thank you. I hadn’t yet added the release (since the release has nearly all artists new to MB as well the label) and will do.