Why this Japanese release is in English in MB?

I’ve come across the following and was wondering why it’s mostly in English whereas it’s in Japanese on Apple Music Japan. Should this be listed as a pseudo release and a proper Japanese listing added?

Release “SaGa 3 Jikuu no Hasha: Shadow or Light Original Soundtrack” by Ryuji Sasai & Kenji Ito - MusicBrainz

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To my (possibly slightly unexperienced) eye, yes. Even without looking for the release on Apple Music Japan, the cover art that’s attached to the release is (almost) all in Japanese. Also helpful for you would be the pseudo-release style guidelines

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After having searched these references, I have edited the release to a PSEUDO-release (edits pending) and have added the ORIGINAL release in Japanese.

Here is the official homepage:

And there is this too:

Track times and back cover scan with obi and barcode etc.:

JAN (barcode confirm):

ISRC and track times: