Why isn't the 'Open in Tagger' link working, or visible?

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Hi there,

Mid-way through a session of organising several thousand audio files, I’ve run into the problem of the ‘Open in Tagger’ green links from the web database no longer working. Clicking them causes no response by Picard. I’ve restarted Picard (losing a lot of work…) and my web browser, with no improvement. In fact, I can no longer see some of the green links that I could see before! Even though I am logged in.

How can I proceed with fixing or troubleshooting this? Thanks in advance.

I believe it’s a Cooke that is set when you use picard and get this to do a search on the website.
Once this set the website knows you have picard running and will add the open in picard links.

The easiest thing to do is open picard and do a search (for anything, a random string), your browser will bring up a search page.
You can then navigate back to the release page and relad it, it will now have an open in tagger link.


Thanks, I’ve used this method since to activate the link and it works as expected the vast majority of the time. Only rarely does the link still not trigger the expected action in Picard.