Why is this URL invalid for 45worlds?


I’m trying to attach “https://www.45worlds.com/78rpm/record/y6223” as an external link to a release.

MB is carping with the message “This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted.”

45worlds.com is in the whitelist.

Does someone know what’s wrong with the URL?


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What link type are you using?

MB automatically selects the “other databases” option from the dropdown.

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It’s not just that one URL. I tested a different 45worlds URL and it didn’t work either.
What I suspect is they may have changed their release URL syntax recently and our URL cleanup hasn’t caught up with it.
I made a ticket to address the issue:


These links currently aren’t allowed at all at the release level, but only at the release group level. There’s a discussion about it on the ticket STYLE-1347 though.