Why can't I add credit relationships in new release process?

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Am. I missing something? I’m adding a large carefully curated collection of electronic music vinyl and digital of which about 10-20% not in the DB. I’m finding it very frustrating that I have to create the release first, then go back and edit relationships to add remixers, editors, writers, producers etc etc which are never obvious in many electronic music releases.

It is such a pain in the ass mainly I only bother to go back and add remixer relationships after submitting the release, when there is so much more I could add if I could simply do it at time of submitting the original new release.
Am I missing something?

PS For particularly important relationships I do go back and add relationships only if notable to me and hence most people, and hope that other pedants complete things as mastered by or distributed by etc. I have thousands of new releases to submit. Initially I thought I was missing something and tried adding during tracklist submission, using joining words such as " Remixed-by ", “Addition production by” to the next artist etc until I learnt better.

Surely the discogs user script could be improved to pull these relationships in?, and the submission process streamlined. Everything of mine perfectly tagged in foobar2000 with discogs plugin but now I want extra functionality and data quality of MusicBrainz.

And don’t even get me started on scanning everything first to get the acoustic IDs, then backing that out to clustering lookup and adding missed releases as most of the releases from scanning are inevitably random tracks on not the releases I have…

Why is it such a pain? :slight_smile: (maybe we can make it less so).

It used to be that the Edit relationships bit was super hidden (just a sidebar link). We recently also added it as a tab on top of the release page, to hopefully make it more visible to people. It only requires one click to get there, so it’s not hard as such, but I guess at least part of the problem is that you need to remember to do so?

One thing that got mentioned a couple times is to offer the user the option to go there straight after submitting the release. So you’d get something like:

Thanks for adding AlbumX by ArtistY to MusicBrainz! If you’d like to add more information about it (such as specific musicians, writers, engineers, etc.) you can do so now!
Yes (take me to the relationship editor) / No (take me to the release page)

Would this help at all in your case? It’d make it more visible for sure, but I’m not sure that’s what you feel is the problem.


I think there are two problems with integrating the two into a single editor: one is that having all that functionality in one place can seem daunting to many users en could add clutter, and the other problem is that there is currently no way to save your progress, and with separating the two you create a “save point” in the process.

Maybe the final release add/edit page can have a tick box to enter the edit and redirect to the relationship editor instead of the release page?


Thanks for the reply. Currently I have 244 clusters not in the database and that number is only for my collection with my own or discogs rating > 4.6, plus much of my digital media not even on discogs. I was at one point adding releases to discogs from beatport so I could use the discogs foobar2000 plug-in and then import that data to MusicBrainz to use the lastfmng plugin and just ensure data integrity.So the whole process is daunting.

Vinyls and discogs data has the credit relation embedded with every track, so if I’m entering a track with a remixer and additional producer or whatever its at the point of entering that track I’m reading the back of the vinyl or using discogs and I would have thought been the time to enter that.

That is most convenient in the workflow I’ve found but you guys must have your reasons. I was really stumped initially and thought the way to add additional artists was in the tracklist , like I said, with joining phrases to additional artists such as i dunno,
Henrick Swarchz Remixed-by
Inducieve Feat.
Kylie Minogue Strings-by
Swedish hitmusic Strings. Which comes out having all the required information and links but not in a properly structured way.
So yeah with hundreds of new releases to submit and then go back to each track, to add extra relations just when I though I was done. I could be done but I don’t like being incomplete, at the very minimum remixers and additional writers producers added consistently but some stuff such as distrubution company, album mixed bys, just not that important in the scheme of things. I often do try to include all the credits from Discogs or my wax for as that completeless is what MB is about, I just wish there was a more streamlined way.

Thanks for the replies. With hundreds of releases to add that extra clicking waiting going back to the original source for those extra credit relationships when I was just there on the tracklisting is frustrating to me anyway.