Why can't I add a wikipedia URL to a release?

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It is possible to add a wikipedia page as a link to an artist but not to a release. Is there a reason?


I think you can only add it to the release group, not a specific release.


That’s indeed the case. The actual reason: Wikipedia pages (generally) aren’t for a specific version of an album, but for the “concept” of it - so it makes more sense to store them at the release group level.

It would probably be useful if you could also add release group level relationships when adding a release, though. That’s:


Please link the Wikidata link alone instead of any Wikipedia link.
At least if it exists, you can right-click copy it from the Wikipedia left hand side bar.
This way, it will survive any further Wikipedia renames and it will link to all languages.


While that’s ideal, we can’t expect every user to know and use WD - we should just auto-add the WD link when someone adds WP. That’s:

Wikidata vs. Wikipedia

Thanks for the answers. I didn’t think to add it to the release group but that makes sense.

@jesus2099, I tried doing like you said but then only the wikidata link appeared in the sidebar, no link to the wikipedia article so I added both, so I guess MB doesn’t add wikipedia link automatically when adding a wikidata url.
Looks like there is a ticket for this as well: http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-6239


The Wikipedia excerpt (page top) only requires Wikidata link.
But the right‐hand sidebar does not show automatic Wikipedia links, indeed.
In the meantime, I have made a Wikidata→Wikipedia module in the ALL LINKS userscript.

Is there a way to derive wikipedia link from wikidata link?
Wikidata vs. Wikipedia

And probably auto‐remove all the matching WP as well, no ?