Why can't I add a wikipedia URL to a release?

It is possible to add a wikipedia page as a link to an artist but not to a release. Is there a reason?

I think you can only add it to the release group, not a specific release.

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That’s indeed the case. The actual reason: Wikipedia pages (generally) aren’t for a specific version of an album, but for the “concept” of it - so it makes more sense to store them at the release group level.

It would probably be useful if you could also add release group level relationships when adding a release, though. That’s:


Please link the Wikidata link alone instead of any Wikipedia link.
At least if it exists, you can right-click copy it from the Wikipedia left hand side bar.
This way, it will survive any further Wikipedia renames and it will link to all languages.

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While that’s ideal, we can’t expect every user to know and use WD - we should just auto-add the WD link when someone adds WP. That’s:


Thanks for the answers. I didn’t think to add it to the release group but that makes sense.

@jesus2099, I tried doing like you said but then only the wikidata link appeared in the sidebar, no link to the wikipedia article so I added both, so I guess MB doesn’t add wikipedia link automatically when adding a wikidata url.
Looks like there is a ticket for this as well: http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-6239

The Wikipedia excerpt (page top) only requires Wikidata link.
But the right‐hand sidebar does not show automatic Wikipedia links, indeed.
In the meantime, I have made a Wikidata→Wikipedia module in the ALL LINKS userscript.


And probably auto‐remove all the matching WP as well, no ?

I came across a Wikidata entry for a release (Uptown Girl / Careless Talk - Wikidata), that has label/catalog details, is linked as a “release of” the “single” instance (Uptown Girl / Careless Talk - Wikidata), and has a link to Billy Joel – Uptown Girl (1983, Pitman Pressing, Vinyl) - Discogs and https://www.45cat.com/record/3804149.

I tried linking it to the release, but was blocked, which makes sense and I’d prefer it stay that way really. I thought it was interesting coming across this and didn’t find anything about it yet on the forums. I suppose if Wikidata actually starts being used to track releases we may want to reconsider the policy. I put it in the annotation for now: https://musicbrainz.org/release/ecd3b372-6dfc-47b9-a088-4ffb092a55d3.


Interesting… wikidata and wikipedia is starting to split apart a lot on how the link to singles. Wikipedia will link a Work, Recording and Single on the same page. Wikidata is splitting these up and the old simple mapping between these is getting confusing to link to MB. This is the first time I have seen Wikidata then split up the singles too…

I know that music people in Wikidata did hope to eventually untangle it from the Wikipedia mess and having separate releases, recordings, etc, yes. So I’m not surprised they’re working on it, although the mess is so large I think it’ll take forever. I still wouldn’t unlock linking to Wikidata for releases and recordings unless it either becomes very common to have these pages correctly organized on their side or we write a way to query Wikidata to check that they are actually releases or recordings.


I get the idea of Wikidata separating things, but it would be nice if we had a way of linking to those combined WIkipedia pages too. A Release like a film soundtrack now often appears half way down a film’s page. Or famous cover versions of singles have been merged into the main Wikipedia page on that song.

When a redirect through a Wikidata page is unavailable, it would be nice to be able to point part way down a Wikipedia page at the relevant data.

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