Why can a group be a member of a man?

So I’m new to editing, and I wanted to add members to a group that had none. The Relationships dialog for a group defaults to “Member Of” rather than “Members” and I didn’t realize you need to change the direction! So now I have a group that is a member of its members…

I corrected this (waiting for votes) but I have to wonder why allowing a Group to be a member of a Person is even allowed, or doesn’t give a warning. Otherwise the tools for editing have been pretty easy to get into.


I think the relationships dialog is the same for all artists, whether they are a group or a person. So whichever way it defaulted, it would be wrong half the time. It’s tripped most of us up at least once!


Yes it’s an old gripe.
The default is never right for me either (default relationship type, default direction).
I made a userscript for the classic MusicBrainz (before NGS) that remembered last used relationship type for each entity.


But things are completely different now, it should be rewritten from scratch.

But rather than that, this group member of person issue and other similar stuff, would be fixed by: