Why a different release group?

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After adding a release to an existing release group Machine Gun Etiquette. I expected to see this album listed there instead it as appeared under a new release id 99623776-7d94-4f44-b5a9-02750a0e4e70.

Can anyone help explain why this as happened? Never had this happen before.


First off, please use full URLs (you can embed them in text using the little icon that looks like a chain) when linking to MB entities; those MBIDs don’t link anywhere otherwise.

Second, I would venture a guess that you added the release without selecting a release group. When you add a release from anywhere other than an existing release group, there will be an empty text field where you can type/paste in the name of a release group and from there you can select the one you want. If you leave that field blank, it will automatically create a new release group.

BTW, the thing to do when you accidentally create a duplicate entity is merge it.