Who to credit for recording with conflicting (fake) credits

Similarly to the Scholz issues, it seems the Australian label Adagio just makes up credits for their releases (see annotation there). This edit shows a case where the (fake) credits conflict - what should we do here?

I really wouldn’t want to keep the Estonian orchestra as the performer now that I know it’s a fake credit, but I’m not sure what to use instead - just [unknown]? That would be my preference, but when that was proposed for Scholz some people thought it was a bad idea (see the linked post, for example). At the same time, creating an artist like [unknown orchestra for Adagio recording] seems kinda meh to me.

Do we know if Adagio’s artists are usually the same “session” orchestra, conductor etc. credited under different names? Is there some constant factor we can attribute this to? According to Discogs they are just reselling recordings from our friend Scholz. Maybe someone can check that with AcoustIDs?

Speaking of everyone’s favourite fraudster: I have come to think that it may be better to just have two Scholz artists and link the rest with artist credits: “Alfred Scholz” as person for all those conductor credits, and “Alfred Scholz’ Bogus Orchestra” as orchestra for all the orchestras (or perhaps a group if there are ensembles in his catalogue as well). This allows for convenient grouping and having artist credits as credited on the release while still making it possible to merge two recordings with different credits.

For the recording credit, I think [unknown] is the best option, since it’s the most factual. I’d be against merging all the Scholz artists into [unknown] though, I’m not sure if anyone is suggesting that.