Who should i put as the artist for the album created to praise?

Who should i put as the artist for the album “Created to praise: songs of worship you’ll wont to sing”?
atm it has called to worship as the artist but that is the series. I have tried using Shazam to fined the artists with no luck. It does tell me who did the words and music but not who sung it and it tells me who the musicians are and the producers. It does have this Live congregation recored on location by Reelsound recorders at cornerstone united methodist Valdosta, GA Buddy Cherry, Pastor

Based on the images on this Amazon page (which is not the same release as yours due to the different barcode and catalog number, but I assume is the same release as yours for the sake of the comparison), I think the release artist should be Various Artist as Called to Worship seems to me to be more like a series rather than the artist for this release. But others probably know how to handle this better.

yer it is the same other then a different colour and be back is set up differently as well the songs are the same and are the same length. i was wondering if it should be the producers

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(Warning - constantly evolving post being edited on the fly as research expands…)
Collections like this can live long lives under many different publishers. So it is not surprising that newer versions have exactly the same content, but may be printed in a different plant. Or have different artwork.

The main trick at MB is to make sure you put in the details of your copy as far as you can see. Barcodes, cat numbers, labels.

Even better if you can pop it on a scanner to get front, back and CD images. They hold so much detail.

The artist is a bit of a tricky one. What is on the spine of your copy? As @Jeluang points out, the “Called to Worship” text is part of a series title. Not the artist.

This is where they are coming from:

And that site is seems clear about the artist “Called to Worship” - even though that is also the name of the series.

Created to Praise: Songs of Worship You’ll Want to Sing / Called to Worship Series / Split Trax / Lyrics Included [Audio CD]

Artist : Called To Worship

Audio CD

Language : English
Label : Brentwood
PID : 076010686X
OOC : 700535066686

Track Listing:

Medley: 1. We are His Praise [2.49] 2. O How Thankful [4.00] 3. A Purified Heart [3.46] Medley: 4. Wait Upon the Lord [4.11] 5. Give Me A Thankful Heart [2.28] 6. Earnestly I Seek Your Face [3.55] 7. I rise in Christ [3.17] Medley: 8. God of Grace and Glory [3.00] 9. Emmanuel [2.35] 10. My All in All [3.44] Medley: 11. Praise You [3.56] 12. Worthy is the Lamb [3.25] Medley: 13. You are Worthy [4.37]

It can be tricky to set this artist. As the producer of the CD thinks the artist is called “Called to Worship” then that is the best you can use really. If they call their singers \ choir \ contract musicians by that cover all name then that is the one we should use.

I am no expert… just talking as I thinking

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this is what i can see as far as artist details https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sIwlMa3myjyCppTC4qddeVBAm35GoIsn and https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VwHPfyE6oEAkVHJoysvdmrpBO6i6Yh3q
and the sine it has called to worship then a star kind of dot thats in the centre of the line then it has created to praise then it has the release group bentwood music

dw im no expert either @IvanDobsky im just a music lover

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Your cover photos there are the same as on the website. And they name all the people used. Everyone is credited properly. (Though Jeff Nelson must be an octopus to play Piano, Organ, Synth, Bass and Drums all at the same time…)

Clearly the same people playing all the songs.

This is a very specific group of people. Not too various. So I’d be sticking to “Called To Worship” as their is a concept of “Artist intent” in the MB guidelines that says to me that in this case the people making the disks are using the name of “Called To Worship” to cover their musicians.

And if you describe the spine as

Called To Worship * Created to Praise * Brentwood Music

That seems fairly standard [ artist * title * label ]


ok sounds good ill just convert the images i have scanned in and upload them and be done with it i will have more questions about albums coming up. (some times i think know things but i like to ask questions to see if my theory is a sound one)


Absolutely know that one… I can be the same. Sometimes just bouncing the ideas off of someone else lets you know that you were right all along. :wink:


@Jeluang you are kind of right about the Various Artist but normally you put that in the first artist box if you know the artist for each song

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I started off agreeing with @Jeluang that it did look like a Various Artist collection of religious music. Often they are recorded at different places and just gathered onto one disk. Then repackaged, re-titled, re-released.

But not this case. The more I read into the cover booklet, the clearer it became that this disk was actually produced by one group of people. Same musicians on all the tracks.

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yer that does happen a lot they repackage songs from different albums in to one kind of like a greatest hits album. I would like to link to this dischon from the album so people can see how we came up with the artist where would you put it?

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Capitalism meets Religion. It is a fascinating little business these CD production lines.

I wonder if other CDs credited to “Called To Worship” have any musicians in common? Reading those notes I would expect so, but it could also be their way to keep it looking more “in house”.