Who is the artist on this album

the artist on this album is wrong and im trying to fix it up but im having a hard time understanding who it is saying the artist is so i would like some fresh eyes on it and what would you put as the label?
Herb Owen has a linkedin page

I would probably go with: “The Branches” Children’s Choir or “The Branches” Children’s Choir / Herb Owen, Director


and the label “Brentwood Music”


i need to make 2 new artists should they be called The Branches and Herb Owen? As Director discribs what Herb Owen douse and Children’s Choir discribs what The Branches is douse it not? or am i wrong?

What is shown on the spine of that CD? I usually look there for the artist.

I expect it says “Brentwood Kids” there? It seems sensible that they all come from the same “group” even if the singers change. Bit like how Superman has more than one actor.

Yes to making those two new artists. One called ““The Branches” Children’s Choir” and the other “Herb Owen”. One is a “group”, the other a “person”.

I noticed you have linked the release to a Discogs page. Trouble is that Disocgs page is for the cassette so can’t really be linked. Maybe worth adding the cassette to MB separately. (If I get time later today I’ll buzz the import over)

nothing on the spine is of use it has the basic name of the album and the vol# and the Catalog# and thats it. the only reference to Brentwood Kids is on the back as you can see in the image of the back of the booklet it has Brentwood Kids company. company is a gess as i can not read running writing that well

I need to nip out to go see a client, so will reply better later.

This is a puzzle with the lack of info. I can see why Discogs have it as “unknown”. There is no actual artist being credited for the main release.

For the tracks the choir can clearly be credited.

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well the only ones singing are the kids in all of them: if i make a mistake adding something feel free to leave a message or fix it up i will not be back for about 20 hours as i have work in the morning iv changed some things on it

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My suggestion is to change the join phrase to " / " (that’s space-slash-space) that’s the standard way on MB to separate two entities. Also you can add a join phrase on the end: “, Director”