Which one is the correct artist here?

There’s a release on Discogs -->

Apparently, the artist ist “Boosta:Iconoclash”, so I added it to MB and began adding the tracks.
Then I found out that there’s this release already:

where the artist is simply “Iconoclash”.

I do own the original CD, where on the last page of the booklet you can read:

Boosta :iconoclash ends here. :iconoclash goes on with other experiences

The three :iconoclash alchemists are:
Davide Dileo . Tiziano Lamberti . Marco Rainò

So what is now the correct artist name in this case? When reading out the info from the CD itself (using XLD), it looks like this:
Also, the track listing on the MB entry is not correct, but I would only correct it when I’m sure which is the right artist name to be used.

I found the artist’s MySpace page, which indicates the artist name is Boosta and the album title is Iconoclash.

Artist’s (not very helpful) website:

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Are the band members the same? Then it is an alias \ change of name.

Are the band members different? Then maybe it is a different group.

A test I often do is - is this on the band website now as part of the discography? So they play these tracks now or have they “moved on” from this early project?

If it was an early project name before they became serious, you can look to Radiohead who were initially called On A Friday


I think this project doesn’t exist anymore.
So I guess “Boosta:Iconoclash” would be the “project/band” name, and members would be DJ Boosta and the other two guys (TBH, I’ve always known that this release was from Boosta, who is also member of “Subsonica”).
There is no “band site” as such, so I can’t check if it’s in their discography or not.

So… (final) suggestions to “clean” this up?

I don’t think the artist is just ‘Boosta’, as that’s the name of one artist, while you’ve indicated that this project had more people involved?

I think it’s up to you how you name it. It is extremely unclear if it should be 'Iconoclash", ‘Boosta:Iconoclash’ or ‘:Iconoclash’.

I would probably add it as ‘Boosta:Iconoclash’ because that covers all the bases if someone is searching for it. Then add the others as aliases/

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