Which image to choose for release group cover art? Earliest or best quality?

An album originally released on cassette and it was recently re-released as vinyl with new, cleaner cover art. So which do I use for the RG cover art? The original, low quality cassette art or the new, higher quality, vinyl art? I can’t find any solid information about.
See for yourself:


I generally consider “most recognised at best quality”. What would I want to see as a fan? I like originals when possible.

In this case I’d probably pick the digital as it also names the band and album. It depends how iconic you think the original artwork is.

In this example I would also question if that really is the cassette artwork as it is the wrong shape. As suspected, the discogs image was also bogus: :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Abendrot Im Walde (2018, Cassette) - Discogs You have to click on the rest of the images to see it correctly. The actual cassette has a title. (I just fixed Discogs - the image without a title is from Facebook. And uploaded the correct cassette image here for MB too)

So that kinda answers the question - pick the digital image.


If people want pinpoint accuracy they will grab the release cover (not the group cover), the release group cover is more for people who just want a nice pic, imo.

So I would set it to the digital version/the cleanest version (or, as IvanDobsky says, the most iconic version) :+1:


Thanks for the quick response. I have set the RG cover to the digital picture. This was a minor release limited to just 100 copies, so I can’t really say the original is “iconic” in any way. The digital version is the same artwork, but bigger and in a more familiar aspect ratio so I think 99% of .0000001% of people who find this album will appreciate the newer cover.