Which Barcode

I am entering a release with the following barcode shown on the packaging:


My question is whether I should be entering the UPC code (777499102576), or should I be entering the UPC with the additional two digits (77749910257602)? I’ve seen them entered both ways by other editors, so I’m wondering what is the preferred entry? After reading the guidelines, I’m leaning towards just the UPC code.

I would put the barcode that a mobile phone app such as this barcode scanner and see what it returns.

This returned the UPC code for me so 777499102576 is what I would use.

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The actual (machine-readable) barcode should be chosen over the printed (human-readable) number in cases where the second is incomplete (e.g. missing the check digit) or incorrect.

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I read that and it doesn’t really apply in this case. The UPC code is there and is complete and correct. There is also additional barcode there representing the other two digits listed.

That’s what I was leaning toward from the start, and is what I ended up using when entering the edit.

Thanks to you both for your responses.


The two-digit code is a EAN-2 supplemental barcode. I would not include it in the barcode proper as it is considered a separate barcode.


I enter what I see on the package, so that anyone can recognise/disambiguate the particular edition and not make a duplicate.


Wikipedia says it’s used for things like magazine issue numbers (which would presumably otherwise have the same bar code). So not including it could lead to duplicate bar codes—not a huge problem, but could make finding the right release harder.

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