Where should i add these artist credits?

i’ve added some of them already to the release but i’m wondering if i should add them to the recordings instead as it would be the same for most of the release other then the split tracks but they are different recordings
and i may need help to mach what some people do in the booklet to what is in mb
the image belongs to this release

the kids change on every release group other then a few

Can you listen to this? Are all the tracks musical, or are some just spoken?

Assuming all tracks equal:

  • The first six credits would be on each Recording.
  • The cover illustration and art direction are on the Release.
  • I guess Blooper, Farley McFirefly are both characters, so put them on every track you hear them appear.
  • The list of kids is tricky as there are so many of them. I’d add them all any time you hear them. Maybe even consider making “Psalty’s Kids” a Group? I guess the list changes between Releases.
  • Instruments go on each Recording.
  • Production Assistant is each Recording again.

Personally I listen to releases like this and make sure I hear each instrument on each track. Things like Harmonica’s stand out quite well.

Then we get to the small print in yellow. They mainly goes onto the Works. (i.e. the written words, separate from this sung version) The “composed by” and “Publishing” credits will be attached to the Works.

Looking at the Release you have linked there it looks pretty good to me. I’d just move the instruments to the separate recordings.


i can not make the “Psalty’s Kids” a Group as the change is way to much between Releases groups i can compare between 4 albums. all tracks on the albums i have a mix of talking and singing on them the slit trax albums are identical but they added more tracks by splitting the talking parts and the singing parts into separate tracks or it was done in the opest way hard to say for sure

I can listen to the tracks as for adding the kids only when you can hear them means adding them to all the tracks as you can hear a group of kids singing on all of them GL telling if any are not singing

ill get on to this tomorrow if nothing out of the blue happens. if i have a hard time adding something i’ll put a message in here and maybe someone will be able to help. thanks for the help ivan. you need a medal called great helper so do others on here. :slight_smile:

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I think the kids can go into an Annotation. Treat them like a choir. Otherwise it would lead to chaos.

Unless one of the kids went on to become famous and take over the company, it is better to keep their credit lower I think. I’d call them “Psalty’s Kids” as a vocal part, and list them elsewhere. It also means you don’t have to add 20 new Artists for each CD. :grin:

If the track is a mix of singing and talking, I’d treat it like a song and add the instruments. You only need a harmonica to make one squeak for it to get a credit.

And always happy to help. It also lets me see different puzzles and solutions for my own edits


It’s okay to make a group that has members that change a lot.

There’s a few pros and cons, but the main pro is probably the sheer amount of time it would take to add all the kids to every release, and add each kid to the DB. Maybe start with the group, and you can always replace it with individual kids later if you have a week off work or something!


how would you add blooper would you add the artist and have him crdited as blooper and would you put him under performer or something else
and how would you add the people that do the kids voices (not all are kids) based on the image that is already here + these 3
the one that is already here is 5

this is 4

this is 9 but was released after 10

this is 10 but was released before 9

The way I would treat Blooper and the other characters is similar to how Audio Dramas do it. I’d credit him as Performer\Vocals, but Alias the Vocals bit. That then lists Robb Rigg as performing Vocals [Blooper] and Earnie Rettino as Vocals [Psalty].

The kids are a puzzle as there are so many of them. This is why I’d resort to cheating slightly and set them up as “Psalty’s Kids” and treat them like a Choir on each release. Then just list them in the Annotation. Otherwise you will be there all week adding every one of them in one by one as new artists for each release.


can you show me what you mean? i’m totally lost

I’ll edit the release in the start of this thread to add Farley McFirefly and Blooper in. I assume they are singing?

I am used to doing this with Spoken Vocals [Role]. Editing it now I spotted that you can’t just select “Vocals” as it won’t let you alias it. So I have selected “Lead Vocal” as that then lets me name that vocal with an alias.

Look at it like when you rename “guitar” to “lead guitar”. This is changing “lead vocal” to the exact part he is literally playing.

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ok thanks that helps a lot gives me something to go off for the others

as for psaty kids should i mention in the Annotation what albums they are on so if someone wishes to add them later they can see ind should i add people like Ernie Rettino differently as he is already on mb?

i’ll remove blooper and Farley McFirefly from the ones that they are not on so if they go missing you know why


I would just add the list of Psalty’s Kids to the annotation. Too many to add them all really. Especially if they change a lot. I’d also treat them like a Choir as they are a group of voices. I’d use credits like “Choir Vocals” and “Spoken Vocals” for them. (It also is easier that way as you don’t know which kid is talking much of the time)

If you got really really bored one day you could sit on the Psalty’s Kids group and add them all as members. (But if your OCD is like mine you’d want to also give them joining dates.)

If Earnie Rettino is a Psalty Kid already in the DB, then I’d just link him as a member of Psalty’s Kid the group. If you know dates for that, add them, but we often have band members listed for a group without their exact dates. That then also lets you highlight the more important kids as you see fit. (For example, I notice the actual children of some of the main performers among the kids)

edit: Whoops - I see Earnie Rattino is Psalty. So he is like Blooper. Added as Ernie Rattino, credited as Lead Singer[Psatly] or Spoken Vocals [PSalty]

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i think the people in the list of Psalty’s Kids are probably friends and family if Ernie Rettino and Debby Rettino
btw we both made a blooper we said Earnie Rettino when it is Ernie Rettino :slight_smile:

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I think my blooper was even better when I then said he was his own kid as I didn’t realise who he was. :smiley:

One of the advantages of using credits like Lead Singer [Psalty] is it allows Picard to then get the names for your tags. And you’ll find “Ernie Rettino - Psalty” appear in your tags.

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he is if you look in psalty’s kids

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Isn’t that Erin as a kid, but Earnie as Psalty? Though I notice “Debby Kerner Rettino” as both kid and Psaltina. So that could mean Tammy could either be their kid or Ernie’s sister. Hard to know for sure. :smiley:
Erin could be the name of one of their kids?

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yer Erin plays as one of the kids and as Psalty but his name is not Earnie as Psalty Erin is his real name

Are you sure? All the places on the examples you have shown he is “Psatly: Ernie Rettino”, “Vocal Arrangements: Ernie Rettino” and even “Cannibal: Ernie Rettino”.

Erin then appears mainly as a Kid, but also as a Harmony. That is why I think Erin is a different person to Ernie.

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I see now that it is spelled right what you are talking about there is an e at the end of one and no e for the other did not see that i’ll look into it tomorrow see if i can see anything that tells me if they are the same or not as the e may be a spelling mistake. tho i think you are correct. thanks for spotting that

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I have an eye for little details. Also notice that “Erin” is not really a shorter version of “Ernie”. Which is why I expect it is the name of his kid maybe also along with Tammy. They both appear a lot in those covers above.

I can see the logic of Debby joining the Kid’s voices, but Ernie would be singing back to himself so I think that would make less sense.

I notice that Tammy also appears as an “adult voice” on vol 10 which makes me doubt is she is their kid as it could be a sister… or an older kid. Difficult to know.

And to continue the detective work - notice Vol 10 the copyright is “Rettino/Kerner” publishing. So that tells me Debby’s maiden name is Kerner. So when we see “Debby Kerner Rettino” that is not her middle name, but a two worded surname. How is she credited on the first Release? I bet she still Debby Kerner on there?

Your Vol 10 paperwork is a 1991 edition with 1990 copyrights so “Rettino/Kerner”, but the Vol 9 paperwork is 2006 and instead “Ernie and Debbie Rettino” copyrights. I am guessing these are all the same entity but with a name that is evolving over time.

The Kids Praise Album! witch is number one some only of Ernie Rettino others have Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Kids Praise! 2 has Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner on the taps and records Kids Praise! 3 has Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner on the tapes and records tho in 3 is the first time you meet Psaltina she gets introduced as Psalty’s wife and you meat harmony melody and rhythm as Psalty’s kids

they got married in 1976

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