Where does stub data & data without disc ids come from?

I add a fair number of discs, and for a fair number of the ones I add, they either have stub records or full records without any disc ids. Where does that data come from? Just curious.


Stub data comes from people who wish to contribute to musicbrainz without creating an account.

Unfortunately the stub section is harder to use for rippers.

Releases without discIDs happen when someone adds a release without having a copy of the CD (or an equivalent way to get the discID)

Thanks. Stub data causes the latest version of abcde to throw an exception, which took me a while to sort out the cause. I now recognize it and “de-stub” the record.

It surprises me that users add records without owning the disc. Some of the records are missing some data, but some are surprisingly complete including information like barcode. I won’t complain because it saves me the work.



They may well own the disc but at least some workflows would require that you re-submit the discID after you add the release information. Not everyone is aware that this would be necessary, and presumably some people just don’t bother (after all the release is quite usable without the discID.

Also a lot of information can be gleaned from databases like discogs or vgmdb without having a copy of the CD.

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I’ve added tons of stuff from things like library databases, Discogs, classical label websites, and a combination of all of them. But I’m in MB because I like data, I barely rip and if when I rarely buy music it’s digital or vinyl, so I’m probably an outlier :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t really thought about adding disc IDs until reading this topic. Even in cases when I have a physical CD, I’m usually pulling my data from somewhere online (via userscript) rather than inputting it manually. Since a Disc ID isn’t an automatic part of adding a new release/rg (or tagging MP3s), it never crossed my mind.

When you add from CD, you can still use the track parser to avoid typing tracklist.
The only (good) difference is that track times will be already set for you (and with millisecond precision). :slight_smile:



To be pedantic: the precision is 1/75 of a second ;p