Where can I find the RDF data for musicbraniz

I want to have a dataset that contains a music ontology (the owl) and samples data (like songs, artists and symphonies)

I searched a lot and everything points to MusicBrainz, but honestly I couldn’t find the data that I"m looking for.

Kindly help, it is really appreciated

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AFAIK RDF support directly on mb.org was abandoned, see also the blog posts here and here. But there is also LinkedBrainz, but I am not sure in which state it currently is. At least I cannot reach linkedbrainz.org at the moment.

Currently all the MusicBrainz entity pages contain an embedded JSON-LD schema, maybe that is suitable for you .

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Thanks for answering.

The RDFa is not helpful for me because I want the Ontology with individuals to test my proposal. I’m working on Semantic Recommender System, and I need to have the ontology along with the data on my machine.

Kindly any clue about where to get some RDF dump? (even if not up to date)


What I could find was http://linkedbrainz.c4dmpresents.org/content/rdf-dump, it’s an rather old dump from 2011 if I see this correctly.

The last info about LinkedBrainz and dumps provided I saw in this blog post, but linkedbrainz.org seems to be dead right now. Maybe see GitHub - BarryNorton/D2R-LinkedBrainz-Fork: A fork of D2R Server 0.7 for the LinkedBrainz project and contact Barry Norton directly.

Thanks for reply,

The size is 2.7 GB and when uncompressing it, it becomes 23 GB :slightly_smiling:

I can’t handle that at the moment, when I come back home, I will give it another try and update you.

Many thanks

This tweet might be relevant - although that was a month ago so I guess something has happened with the plan. You could try to get in touch with him again.

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(Since we’re all new at this, leaving the tweet URL on a line by itself will result in :arrow_up: Works for some other sites too.)


Necromancing this thread where the last thread was made on Mar 5, 2016 cause linked data and the semantic web is so interesting to me and something I’d like to learn more about

I’m interested in this “linked data” / “semantic web” thing and recently I watched this: “Intro to the semantic web” on YouTube.

I also discovered a browser extension(which works on Firefox and Chrome/Chromium) The OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) and I’ve tried it in both browsers and it works on MusicBrainz ie. my newly addition to the database The CC BY Song by Loveshadow

By using the extension(the little dog face) in my browser I can see that for the recording The CC BY Song the JSON-LD is

“Entity” “Recording “The CC BY Song” by Loveshadow - MusicBrainz
“Name” “The CC BY Song”
“rdf:type” “schema:MusicRecording”
“schema:duration” “PT02M22S”

For the artist page Loveshadow there’s some JSON-LD(more than I’m quoting) as well

“rdf:type” “schema:MusicGroup”
“rdf:type” “schema:Person”

I didn’t know there was anything practical I could use to scan webpages for linked data until a few days ago so I’m quite happy I found at least 1 practical application :slight_smile: