When to use "group" - "band" and "duo"?

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Hello again,
I think it would be very useful to have some clarifications / mini guide for when to use “group”, when to use “band” and when to use “duo” on describing groups - and maybe some other such words that I’m missing now.

Later edit:
I mean for the disambiguation note and for tags:

Hi! Are you thinking about Wikidata? We just use “group” (unless it’s orchestra or choir) here.

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What he said…
and a lot of duos and trios can be written as two or three individual artists instead of a group.

I should have been more explicit from the very begining, I’ve added some clarifications now. Thanks

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As long as it is enough to separate the “artist” from other “artists” of the same name. And it can always be changed in the future.

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I can’t find any list of hip-hop bands but I can find lists with hip-hop groups.
I can’t find any list of rock groups but I can find lots of lists with rock bands.
I’m not sure if a group of two three artiststs playing hip hop or rock or something else should be called a group or band or something else.
This is not a crucial thing yet it would be very nice to have a reliable clarification, so the users will better know how to write the disambiguation note and the annotation and what tags to use.

That is because of the linguistics of the genres.

You will also find “producers” in one genre that are considered musicians in other genres… but that is a discussion for a different time.