When the original CD insert track list is wrong?

Decade of Hits: The 20s


The track list on the original CD insert has the track names for Disk 2, track 25 “Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling” and Disk 3, track 12 “Mississippi Mud” swapped. Windows Media Player correctly identifies 2-25 as “Mississippi Mud” but also incorrectly identifies 3-12 as “Mississippi Mud”.

Easy to verify they’re swapped because the songs’ names are in their lyrics.

How to switch the two and fix it so someone else doesn’t come along later and “fix” it for not matching the incorrect printed list?

I just put them in right in Picard and submitted AcoustIDs.


Add a note into the Annotation about the track list error. Then go and rename the Track. In this case it is easy as you can just copy the correction to rename the Recording.

Where this can get messy is if the Track is linked to another Recording in the database as you have the fun of shuffling the Recordings and then plucking out the bad AcoustIDs… (I had one like that last week)