When foreign artists are not credited in a soundtrack

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I am unsure how to express the album/song artists for a soundtrack release because of two reasons:

  1. The artists are not directly credited in the album. I only found them through external websites that talk about it.

  2. The artists are Japanese, so should I use their name in Japanese characters, or use the Latin transliteration of their names?

This is the album that I am referring to: https://musicbrainz.org/release/aee7d9f9-2db9-40e0-af36-6a7889cb905f

This is the official website of the album:

And this website contains information about the authors:

At this moment, all songs appear to be by 鈴木克崇, 島翔太朗, 中村佳紀 & 植松伸夫, but I don’t know if that’s is right.

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Has anyone have any advice on this topic? At least to know if the author’s name should be in Japanese or Latin characters?

I would wait until after it is released, unless you have a burning desire to enter data that may need to be heavily edited. The digital version could offer “official” per-track artists, and the physical version’s booklet could possibly give some more granular track breakdowns.

As for script, there’s a Japanese tracklist. So if you’re entering the English version based on the physical release for Japan, I would use romanized artist names (first name first, last name last) and make it a pseudo-release.

Edit: I see it’s already been entered.

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