When creating a new release it gets submitted automatically before selecting recordings

Hi, I came back to MB after some months gone and found that sometimes, when submitting a new release, upon reaching the recordings tab, sometimes the page reloads itself and shows me the release Overview tab.

The main problem is that this ends up creating duplicate recordings of those songs I couldn’t select before the automated submit. After that I need to do some clean-up and merge them.


Does it reproduce on other browsers?
Does it reproduce in private mode (I mean, some extensions may do tricky things to java script on pages)?

Also, some browsers provide settings for preventing pages from auto refreshing. For example, if you use Firefox, you could do as listed here (in case other answers to your issue won’t help)

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It’s only happened twice so far so I don’t know what could be triggering it.
I’ll try enabling extensions one by one so I can find the culprit but since the trigger seems to be so random I’m not sure if that would actually help.

I’ll also try using firefox, I’m using Vivaldi right now

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Your mean that it submits the new release before you finish working on it?

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This has happened once or twice in the past to me, but not for many months. In the past three days I’ve had it happen twice.

The first time: https://musicbrainz.org/search/edits?auto_edit_filter=&order=desc&negation=0&combinator=and&conditions.1.field=id&conditions.1.operator=BETWEEN&conditions.1.args.0=89303221&conditions.1.args.1=89303232&field=Please+choose+a+condition

The second time: https://musicbrainz.org/search/edits?auto_edit_filter=&order=desc&negation=0&combinator=and&conditions.0.field=artist&conditions.0.operator=%3D&conditions.0.name=Big+Boogie&conditions.0.args.0=2062715&conditions.2.field=id&conditions.2.operator=BETWEEN&conditions.2.args.0=89326924&conditions.2.args.1=89326928

Yes, it submits the release before I’m finished working on it, while in the process of recording selection. I’m using Chrome.


I suggest trying Firefox. I’ve never seen this before.


It did not happen to me either yet:

  • Android 9 Kiwi Browser
  • Android 9 Firefox 68
  • Linux Debian 10 Firefox 64 bit latest ESR (more recent than 68)
  • Windows 10 Vivaldi 64 bit latest

@Totosaurio3279 @agatzk
Do you have an extension that is transforming paginated pages to unlimited scroll (or infinite pages, I don’t know how to say), for example?


No, I don’t use any unlimited scroll extension…
I have a lot of userscripts running tho, I might try disabling them one by one but it’ll probably take some time to test things this way.

For the time being, I’ll probably switch to firefox for my actual editing.

One thing I noticed is, that even though I didn’t actually submit the edit myself, it has the seeded edit note from the vgmdb importer I usually use

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It’s happened to me several times, but very rarely.

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Yes because all the release editor fields are pre-filled.
In fact all release editor fields are there in the browser, the non-current tab fields are just hidden, but they are there with their content (for example the edit note).

Not sure if it’s worth anything, but today for the third time a release submitted automatically while I was selecting recordings… Edits for 100 Miles & Walk’in - MusicBrainz

My money is on an accidental hit of Enter key? If < Enter Edit > is focused this would happen as default action.

Usually the Edit Note is the last thing to be filled in, so for most people an accidental press is stalled by the missing edit note. As there is a comment pre-filled in by the import script, it is primed and ready to submit.

You have a 24 hour edit window to correct and change things, so the only oddity here would be some recordings created that then self combust due to not being linked to anything.


@agatzk @Totosaurio3279 @tigerman325
Do you use SUPER TURBO userscript with CONTROL_ENTER_SUBMIT option on?

If so, maybe you have pressed Ctrl+Enter key in the annotation?
I will check for this bug.

Or maybe you have pressed Enter key in a normal text field (titles)?

These should not trigger the submit, but maybe…

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I bet that’s it.

My process is copying a URL from another window, clicking edit next to the recording, pasting with [ctrl] + [v], then pressing [enter] (with my mouse-hand thumb) to make the dialog box disappear… and repeat. I’m guessing it’s picking up [ctrl] + [enter] in quick succession and submitting. I’ve disabled that option in SUPERTURBO so we’ll see :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback and ideas.

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I think the Ctrl+Enter shortcut should be restricted to text areas, no?

Update: Hmm yes it is in fact, restricted to text areas (like edit notes and annotations).

I will check the whole behaviour in the release editor.

I’m doing that in the recording search box. Isn’t that technically a text area?


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No, this one looks like an <input type="text"> (one line text field), not like a <textarea> (multiple lines).

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I have now prevented the shortcut to submit the form when cursor is in release editor annotation.
It is the only bug I found in release editor.
I could not reproduce a form submission bug when in Recordings tab.