What's the status on listenbrainz


Hello, now that I am submitting my listening data to listenbrainz I am curious what’s the status and what is to expect in the near future. Will there be some statistics about my own listening behaviour? I would like something like what are my top tracks/artists for the past week/month/year. Is this on the schedule? I would like to know how the data is actually stored and how I could implement something like that myself. either fetching the data and do it on my own or get the docker environment that is provided and contribute to the codebase. what would be the good way to start?
my goal would be to connect listenbrainz with the rating feature of musicbrainz


@iliekcomputers is working on this for his for his GSOC project

Look at the weekly meeting notes to see the progress.

You can give https://beta.listenbrainz.org a preview of the next version.
I’m sure all contributions would be welcome.


You are aware of this notice?:

It’s fine to start importing into ListenBrainz to test that tools work, but until the “public” beta, anything submitted to LB won’t be guaranteed to get stored.


yes, thanks, I am aware of that.
I’m just fooling around with python.