Whats the purpose of an "empty" 2 CD release?

I just searched for the new Bonnie Tyler Album (live) “In Berlin” and found this:

What is the purpose of this 2 CD release without tracks?
Or I’m the only one having a problem to open CD1 and CD2 to see the track details?

There is also a 17 track Digital Media release:

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I’m not sure why this was entered with empty media either, but I went ahead and added the track listing from Bonnie Tyler: In Berlin (2 CDs) – jpc.


Looks like the original editor added the release before the tracklist was revealed and has been sporadically adding info as it’s become known. It was only released last week, so they’ve probably just not gotten around to updating it yet.


In that case, I think it would be helpful for the original editor to make a note in the Annotation about what they were doing.

I once worked with an Artist in the hopes of having a MusicBrainz Release entry ready for their new Release as soon as it went on sale. Part of my workflow was going to be creating a MusicBrainz Release entry with partial information before the release date, then filling out the details as they became known. I ended up not doing it. But in my mind, the Annotation was an important part of the MB entry.

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I think that would be redundant. No matter what’s in the annotation, if there’s a missing tracklist and it bugs another editor who has the information available, they can fill it in.